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Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Hi, I am Don Prince, the Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief of National Discovery Channel. I am a Lawyer and Ethical Hacker by qualification but a Businessman, Teacher and Blogger by profession. Besides, I am fond of music, movie, literature and martial art. After all, my strong passion towards the discovery of new things succeeded to create this site.


I have been teaching in many schools, colleges and other educational institutions for 14 years in Nepal. As I am always curious to find out something new for my students, I made a habit of writing new things. Later, I thought it would be better if I shared my knowledge with whole world. That's the background of National Discovery Channel.

National Discovery Channel is totally free for all and it will always be. However, it is your moral duty {I think so} to support somehow if you are getting something at free. The only support expected from all of you is your Feedback to make this site more credible and helpful. And you can do it by writing comments on the articles you read. I hope you will definitely cooperate.

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Have a good Life!