Soon parents will no longer have to wait for their children to cry to change their diapers. Penn State University researchers have prepared 'smart diapers' for children. 

As the diaper containing the sensor gets wet, an alert will be sent to the parent's phone. Sodium chloride is placed in the paper diaper.

There is an outline of the circuit board in different parts of the diaper. The outline is made of graphite metal and a small lithium battery is placed in it.

Scientists Have Developed a New Technology That Calls Parents When a Baby's Diaper Gets Wet

Four sensors are embedded between the layers of the smart diaper, detailed information of which is published in the journal Nano Letters. Once the diaper gets wet, the graphite metal reacts with that liquid and the sodium chloride.

The paper absorbs the liquid, and the electrons pass through the graphite to the sensor. In this way, the sensor sends an alert to the phone as soon as it gets the information. Apart from that, it is mentioned in the report how much and why the diaper is wet.

Also, researchers claim that the health condition of children can be known through the sensor. So that parents can decide whether to change the diaper or not.

"This experiment was born out of the personal experience," Dr. "There is no easy way to know how wet a diaper is. And that information can be precious for parents," Huanyu Cheng said.

It is said that the sensor can also be used in hospitals or nursing homes. According to researchers, this sensor will help to identify complex health problems such as heart attack or pneumonia.

Not only diapers but the sensor can also be used in masks. Through this, it is claimed that the sensor itself can alert about the patient's health condition.

According to researchers, common people will soon be able to use this 'smart diaper'.