India's IIT Madras has recently developed a new operating system called BharOS, which is claimed to benefit smartphone users in India by providing a more secure and homegrown private mobile operating system.

But can Bhar OS compete with Google's Android and how different is VarOS compared to Google's Android? Various information about Bhar OS has been mentioned here.

India's Own Operating 'Bhar OS', Will Challenge Google and Apple

What is BharOS?

BharOS is an operating system based on the Linux kernel, which can be used without any Google apps or other services. It is a product developed by 'JandKops Private Limited' (JandKops), a non-profit organization incubated under IIT Madras.

The company has been incubated under the IIT Madras Pioneer Technology Foundation, a non-profit company established at the premier campus. The Foundation is funded by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, under its National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical Systems (NMICPS).

How different is BharOS from Android?

Technically, VarOS is not much different from Google's Android. In fact, this Android OS is also based on the Linux kernel using an open-source project. The main difference between BharOS and Google's Android OS is that BharOS does not have Google services.

It will be an operating system, allows users to install apps of their choice. Its primary function is to control apps.

It also comes with a native over-the-air update (NOTA) feature, which keeps devices secure and is automatically downloaded and installed on the device. BharOS will allow users to sideload apps of their choice.

How to install BharOS?

As of now, BharOS is not available for users. No information has come out about how to use it or how to download and install it. It is said that it may only be available for some Android phones. This means that BharOS may only be available for some limited phones with chipsets.

When will BharOS be released?

Currently, no information has been released on this matter. As its prototype is only public now, users may have to wait for it for some time.

Will VarOS be available on the new smartphone?

The company said that it is in discussions with some Android mobile manufacturers to provide VarOS along with the smartphone. However, there is no information about which smartphone will be available and with whom it is being discussed.

It is also said that this OS will be more useful for Google's Pixel smartphones.

Is VarOS better than Android?

The developers of BharOS claim that it is better than both Android and iOS in terms of features and security. The company claims that this not only works for the safety of the user but also improves the battery capacity of the device.

This will allow users to install apps of their interest. However, whether it is good or bad will be known after it becomes public and used.

Can Android apps run on VarOS?

Since it is based on the Android kernel, it allows Android apps to run. But some apps that require Google Play Services may not run on VarOS.

Does VarOS support Google Play Service or not?

No, because the main reason for developing VarOS is that you can use the OS on your smartphone without Google Play Store or Google Play Services. So VarOS will not support Google Play Store.