Digital marketing has become essential for modern businesses. Everyone wants to grow their business using new technology. However, we are only familiar with such tools, which are free to use.

1. Photo Editing and Designing:

Especially when it comes to content design, we have many options. Photoshop is my first choice.
7 Best Free Applications for Digital Marketing In 2023

Since Photoshop has many features, you have to pay a fee to use them. Using cracked and pirated software is a different thing.

However, there are tools like Photoshop that are free. Among this software, the designer (DesYGner) has many templates, so the content can be designed according to the need.

2. Stock Video:

Additionally crucial to internet marketing is stock video. There are several websites where you may get stock videos.

when there are two choices—paying the charge or not. Shutterstock can be an excellent choice if you're prepared to pay a charge.

However, Videvo may be used if you wish to use videos like Shutterstock for nothing. Many of the videos it includes may be used for profit without paying anything.

3. Video Editing:

Digital marketing heavily relies on video editing. You must alter the video to reflect your preferences or your company's needs.

For this, Premier Pro is renowned. However, using Premier Pro necessitates a membership.

InShot is the best option if you want to utilize a product with similar functionality to Premiere Pro for nothing. By using the numerous themes in it, you may make visually appealing videos.

4. Caption:

Captions are also considered a very important part of digital marketing. You need a catchy caption to convey what your business is about.

A tool like Jasper can be used to write captions for a fee. If you're looking for a free captioning tool, ChatGPT or is ideal.

With the help of many user-friendly templates, suitable captions can be prepared.

5. Font:

Fonts are also necessary in digital marketing. An attractive font is necessary to make a design so that the prepared content is chosen by the desired audience.

If you are willing to pay the fee, you can use the LenoType tool for you. Font Space with this feature can be used for free.

6. Hashtag:

Hashtags also play an important role in digital marketing. You have to use such hashtags, which help to reach the respective customers.

We can also prepare some hashtags ourselves. However, some hashtags are linked to topics that customers search for on the Internet.

There are many sites that generate such hashtags. The flick is one of those tools.

If the subscription is taken, a suitable hashtag can be prepared. If you want to create a free hashtag that suits your business, you can use Gravatar.
This is a tool that creates hashtags that suit your business. Similarly, you can take the help of ChatGPT to prepare hashtags.

However, since ChatGP only stores data up to 2021, it may not be able to prepare hashtags for recent developments and trends.

7. Audience Information:

Likewise, it is equally important to know when the content will reach a large audience. Some people are using Hootsuite by paying a fee to upload content at the appropriate time.

If you're looking for a free-to-use HootSweet alternative, Creator Studio might be a good choice.

Likewise, it is equally important to analyze the content you upload. What audience specifically saw the content?

How much time did users of which age group spend on it? There are many tools available to view such analytics.

In this, Keyhole is a tool that provides information on various topics such as what kind of audience is active in any content.

However, users have to pay a fee to use this tool. If you are looking for a free alternative to this tool, is perfect.