{This article had been published before 21 December 2012. It has been republished.}

Are we dying in 2012? How many days do we have in our hands to live our life in this world? These two breath taking questions have become the most fearful questions since we have just entered 2012 AD. Do you have answers of these questions? If you don’t, you should not worry. The answers are ‘No, we are not really dying in 2012’ and ‘We have many years in our hands to live in this world’.

Why are we not dying in 2012? This is a most lovely question for you because you are living in a fear of death which is slightly less than death. I hope this article will be successful to remove the confusion from the mind of several people who are very anxious due to the issue of 2012. So once again same question, why are we not dying in 2012?

- The first reason is related to Mayan Calendar. It is said that the world will end on 21st December 2012 A.D. because this is the last day in Mayan Calendar. Yes, it is true that the Mayan Calendar will end on 21st December 2012. But it has nothing to do anything with the existence or end of the world. So the base of this rumor is very weak. The end of any calendar does not mean the end of the world. This type of belief is so unscientific, conservative and ridiculous that only the man with no common sense can believe it. In the other hand, suppose that it is true when the Mayan Calendar ends the world will end then why it was not spread before?

- It is also said that natural disaster will take place and it will wash away the vast number of people on 21st December 2012 AD which is 100% false because according to science, the natural disaster can’t be predicted on any certain day like that. So it is proved that it is a planned rumor.

- It is also said that a new planet named Nibiru will collide with the earth and the earth will destroy on that day. It is scientifically false because it is very easy to find out any planet coming near the earth. But no scientists and science agencies have noticed any planet running towards the earth. And another thing if we notice any planet coming towards the earth, then it is not a new or difficult task for our technology to change the path of that planet.

- Just notice that any national or international issues take place on this earth, your government as well as international organizations will be centralized in the discussion. But do you know any day the cabinet of your state is holding meeting on the issue of 2012? Any agenda is presented in UNO? Or you think it is a miner issue? Obviously not, neither governments nor any science agency have made it issue to discuss. The only one common reason is that there is no strong point in this issue. This is nothing more than making money on the people's foolishness.

- It is praiseworthy talent ever shown that whoever has tried to mislead the people by this false rumor has tried his/her best to prove it scientifically. This issue has been tried to link with the issue of global warming and international dispute. It is true that global warming is indicating the destruction of world in near future but this time is very far from 2012. It takes long years for global warming to cause destruction. Moreover, it won’t affect the earth on any certain day. It will be gradually causing destruction in the world. In the other hand there is no chance of world war in 2012 which could have caused the end the world in such a short period of time.

We very near to 21st December. It is believed that the world will have a violent end on this date. Although this is controversial, it can’t be rejected that everyone has fear in their mind.

Here is no need to beat about bush as everyone knows its background and they want to come to the point but we must begin from the starting point.

21st December and end of the world, it’s related with Mayans civilization. Mayans are very popular for their mathematics and astronomy knowledge. This civilization was flourished between third and ten century AD in Southern Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize and Western Honduras. The descendants of Mayans still exist in the world today although by 1200 AD Mayans civilization had collapsed.

Mayans had developed several calendars. But let’s consider only about the Long Count Calendar as this is related with the end of the world. This calendar was started on 13th August 3114 BC {in Long Count Calendar it is written like this:}. This calendar has 13 cycles that is called the Great Cycle. It means the calendar is ended in {In Gregorian calendar (our modern English calendar) it is written like this: 21st December 2012 AD}. So 22nd December 2012 is according to the Long Count Calendar. That’s why people say that on 21st December the world will end and from 22nd December new era will start because it is beginning of the new Great cycle in accordance with the Long Count Calendar. Today is 13th October 2012 and according to the Long Count Calendar, its and tomorrow it will be There is an interesting point that both Kalyug and the Long Count Calendar started about 5,000 years ago. This point should be noticed that Kalyug is the final age according to Hinduism.

However, there is no any scientific proof and clue which advocate that the world is ended on 21st December. NASA says through its few articles that there will be some changes in the position of the sun on that day. But it doesn’t mention any word about any unwanted destruction. Some people believe, a planet will collide with the earth but it is also ridiculous because if it had been so, the scientists would have already noticed it. Mayans themselves don’t believe on this rumor. Rather they are planning to celebrate the end of the Great Cycle and the beginning of the new Great cycle as we celebrate New Year after the end of each 30th December. So let’s get rid of the fear and join their new era party.