Got rejected? Wanna know the cause? The cause is because no one likes anyone to love, everyone choose someone for love. Yes, we don't like, we choose.

Suppose apple is your favorite fruit. After apple you like orange and thereafter banana. If I give you option to choose anyone among apple, orange, banana and grapes, then which one will you select? You will definitely choose apple. But what if I remove apple from the list? Which one do you select? You will surely choose orange, right? Why? Because there is absence of apple.

Now, let's connect this example with love and attraction. Better we start from our initial point. Why she rejected you? Because she has better option of you. Unlike illustrated above, she may choose you if somehow you are proven you are better than her choice. You also have a chance if her choice does not like her. Because it will cause disappearance of her best choice.

Every lovers make like ranks subconsciously to choose their partners. They always try to select their first choice. If they fail, they go to the second. This law of attraction is the main cause people leave one for another. This is also the reason some people fall in love even with less attractive person.