Today we have an evergreen topic. God created us or we created God? I have already discussed on this topic in my previous articles. But this time we are here for scientific discussion not philosophical. That’s why I believe this is merely a different article and you are really interested.

I am a theist and always will be. I have created this article especially for agnostics who neither believe nor disbelieve on God. Let’s begin.

Now I want to present the popular God Paradoxes on which atheists do not believe on God. And also I like to advocate from the side of God.

Atheists say that God is not real because if he had existed he would have appeared and removed the confusion and controversy of people regarding his existence.

Now let me answer this question. As all of you know that this universe is running on the basis of laws of nature and this is accepted by all scientists of the world. Who has constituted these laws? Science has no answer and never will have. Because scientists are not ready to accept that Science and God are relative. They never agree that science and God can go in the same line or same path. So they will never know who is behind the scene of our universe. Because it’s not other than the supreme power whom we say God.

Now let me tell you why God is not appearing in our world to prove his existence and you are yet to see God with your physical eyes. We have already accepted the truth that this universe is run by laws of nature or laws of science. The more interesting thing is that these laws are abided even by God himself. What is the process of appearing in our universe? It’s by birth, right? Yes, this is laws of science that anyone who comes to our universe must have come through birth. Then how can God appear in our world without taking birth? Isn’t it violation of laws of science? And if he violated it to prove that he is existed and he appeared, that makes imbalance in many other laws and the universe will be full of chaos which later can’t be controlled by even God. So God never appears by breaking laws how much people shout he is not there. It does not mean that he does not come to the earth. He definitely comes to the earth time to time but by following the laws of nature not compromising the balance of the universe. Remember Ram, Krishna, Buddha and Jesus. They were parts of God and they came here by birth which is the evidence that even God follows the laws of nature. So you can’t even say that you have not seen God. Because humans like you in the past have not only seen but also lived with God like Ram and Jesus. May be God is still around us. We everyday see him. We always talk with him. But we don’t know that he is God. Because we think that God appears not by taking birth but by violating the laws of nature.

The second vast question that atheists and agnostics often ask is that if God is existed why are there things like disasters, sorrows and problems in the world?

Even Einstein says that he does not believe on the God who gives reward and punishment to his creatures. Let me remind you, Einstein was not atheist. He was not even theist. He was agnostic who believed that God is unknown.

Simply I want to remind you the laws of casualty of Physics. We know we can also say it laws of cause and effect. This law says that there must be a cause behind any effect. First cause happens and then there will be its effect. So this law clearly says that even God can’t do anything if there is already cause for disasters, sorrows and problems in the universe. So we people are the reason for anything happening with us. If you are suffering today, that is the effect of the mistake you have done yesterday. Likewise, if flood is taking place, the cause is deforestation by the people in the past. List is still long.......

So the above mentioned proofs are enough to say that God created us and we did not create God.

It has not been longer time we humans have arrived on this earth. Our own universe is still an unsolved puzzle for us. God is very far. He lives in another universe and we have not yet developed the right mathematics that can calculate the existence of God. May be God and the universe where he resides is not even mathematical.