Hello everyone! This is Don Prince. After a long time I am writing here. Why am I passive on this blog? I will tell you about it at the end of this post. Now let's come to our topic of today.

What happened to Radha after Krishna left Vrindavan? I wrote about it in a post in 2013. In the post, I concluded my 9 months long research proving that Radha and Rukmani were same. Soon, it spread all over the internet. I don't say that I am the first person to think that they were same. Because it was already somewhere in the ancient documents. I only collected the supporting evidences. But you can't deny the fact that my work popularized the theory. Later it was copied by several blogs and videos. However, I didn't claim copyright. Because my intention was not to be famous or make money, but to bring the truth into the light. And they were unknowingly helping me by republishing my work.

But today, after 7 years, I am changing my conclusion. I am sorry to say this. The direction of my research was totally wrong. I mean Radha and Rukmani were not same. They were 2 different personalities. Then how was I mistaken? Anyone can ask this question. Actually my intention behind my research was not to find out what happened to Radha after Krishna left. My intention was only to prove that there was no one else except Radha in Krishna's life.

What made me change the direction of my research? Why did I change the objective of the research? And why am I totally concentrated to tell the whole story of Radha in her perspectives now? Well, there is a reason and this is a long story. It's so long that I wrote a full novel based on it. If you want to read the novel, you can order Kindle or Printed version anytime in Amazon. And don't think that it's a promotion of my book. I mentioned it here because it's highly recommendable.

Now let's come to the point. How can we say that Radha and Rukmani were not same? Don't worry. I never speak without logic and evidence. I have collected many strong evidences. One of them is the age difference between Radha and Rukmani. Radha was around 12 years older than Krishna and Rukmani was around 7 years younger than Krishna. If Radha and Rukmani were same, how can they be of different age?

I have many other proofs. I will tell all in my in-depth post, but not in an article, but in a video. Yes, you are hearing right.

Now let me tell you why I am passive in this blog. By the way, I have shifted from blog to vlog. But this blog will be being updated by my team and I also post sometimes.

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Now it's time to depart. Stay safe in this Corona pandemic. Radhe Radhe!