National Discovery Channel Announces Job Opportunities

National Discovery Channel Channel demands submission for short documentaries (5 to 10 minutes long) from experienced as well as fresh filmmakers from around the world. Anyone with a video camera or smartphone can proceed.

The documentary will be uploaded on our official YouTube channel and royalty will be given to the filmmakers by 10$ per documentary. If the documentary gets 1M views, an attractive bonus will be provided.

Feel excited and make short documentaries of your interest and expertise and then mail us at ''nationaldiscoverychannel AT THE RATE''. If your documentary meets with our criteria, we will release them in our official YouTube channel.

The documentary should meet the following criteria:
1. The documentary must be unique and original and it should not have been released anywhere online or offline.
2. The quality of the documentary must fit the standard of National Discovery Channel.
3.  The documentary must be relevant to National Discovery Channel. We strongly recommend you to watch the following short documentaries to get an idea about our niche.

Beyond the God Particle-Short Documentary
Note that the threshold to receive money from this programme is $100. That means you should wait till you earn $100. As soon as you reach the threshold, we will proceed your payment which you will get on 11th of the next month. For example, if you reach the threshold within January, you will receive your payment on 11th February.

The money transaction gateways are Western Union, Payoneer, Esewa and Khalti. We can also go through some of the other payment options of the world. Besides, we are very liberal to assist you in transaction if you stay in an inconvenient area.

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