Hi, everyone! This is Don Prince. Today I am interviewing a scholar namely Mr. Keshav Ram Timalsina on the old-aged topic of 'God'.

Mr. Keshav Ram Timalsina is from Nepal, the country of Mt. Everest and Gautam Buddha. He is a well-known professor who teaches various subjects. He loves to speak on Science and Spirituality.

Don: Let us start with the most famous question on the street. Does God exist?
Keshav: I personally do believe on God. The most convincing reason is that religion speaks about Science. For instance, Mahabharata has a story of time floating different in different space. If the story had been merely a fairy tale, it wouldn't have been so scientific. This fact, indeed, compels anyone to take God seriously.

Don: Hinduism, for ages, believes God is inside every atom in the universe. Later scientists also discovered 'God Particle'. Is there any connection between God and God Particle?
Keshav: It's true whether Hindus, since the time immemorial, believed God is inside every atom. As God Particle is found everywhere in the universe, it seems to support the traditional belief. However, it has no relation with God. It's just a coincidence.

Don: Now, let me question directly. If God exists, why has no one seen it in history?
Keshav: Quantum Mechanics has its better answer. According to the concept of multiverse, our universe is one of the members of the infinite universes. In this scenario, we can't expect God being present everywhere.

Don: Almost all scholars believing on God have strong religious background, why?
Keshav: No one can prove God. Neither can anyone disprove. Those who believe or disbelieve are doing it since their childhood which is backed by their family and community. People start questioning when they grow up. A few can change their belief.

Don: Did God create the universe?
Keshav: The Big Bang theory tells us the universe began from a dot of singularity. But what caused big bang is unknown. Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku has mathematically proven an omnipotent power behind the story of the beginning of  time and space. May be his equation is indicating the existence of God.

Don: Can't Big Bang be a coincidence?
Keshav: No, not at all. It can't happen itself. Because it violates some established laws of Physics. In other hand, everything in the universe is so orderly. It must have been trigger by intelligence.

Don: Thank you for the interview.
Keshav: You are most welcome