People often break the heart of another in love because most of them think break up as a normal event in life. But it can destroy the life of another if he/she does not think like that. It is more complicated if it leads to a mental problem. Suicide, murder, revenge and depression will encounter. I created this article to take the people out of the grief who get deceived or rejected by others.

I helped so many people in life who came to me with the break up and rejection problem. And I am very proud to be successful to convince them with the word of mouth. I am writing this article to help people who may not know me or anyone similar.

Let's start. I assume you as being deceived in love. What are you planning now? Are you going to convince her/him? Beware! Never do like that. Because the person who deceives one time can deceive thousand times. Then you are going to suicide now? So funny! You are going to kill yourself for the person who betrayed you. What a foolish person you are! I am really laughing at the background.

You also may be inside the deep trance of depression. Come on. Wake up. Let's go to visit somewhere. You will find yourself being lucky to have a second chance to choose a better partner. And there are many options. So be happy and do not forget to say thanks to God who saved you from the bad choice.

I forgot one thing. You also may think of revenge. You might be thinking of even killing him/her. Don't be so crazy. Has the incidence turned you into a psycho person? Ask this question with yourself. And don't forget to rethink this thing that you are in vain going to destroy your life by going in jail.

I know some people are depressed not with the reason they lost their love. They are sad because they lost trust. When they get cheated in life, specially by them whom they trusted with no bound, they are not in the condition of believing any one in the future. This is caused by the mental damages triggered by the unpleasant and unexpected incidence like being betrayed. Try to convince yourself by positive thinking. 

Life is full of ups and downs. Some people think that they are the only who are suffering. But if we investigate into the lives of other people, we can find that every heart beat is saying sad stories. However, most of them are happy. Because they understand life properly. So forget the past, live the present and make the future.