Stephen Hawking, the greatest living scientist after Einstein, doubts the human beings can exist in the next century. He says that the risk is in nuclear war, artificial intelligence, alien war and environmental degradation. As ‘Beginning of the Universe’ topic is a must discuss topic before explaining the term ‘End of the Universe’, I must begin it from the creation of the universe.

‘’How was our universe created?’’ A 12 years old child had asked me this question. I answered, ‘’We still don’t know it.’’ I know it was a really beautiful question. I also know that the discussion of this topic would be more interesting. However I closed this topic and said, ‘’Yes, it is true that we still don’t know how this universe was created. But don’t be depressed. You should be happy that no scientist has laid universally accepted theory that can explain how the universe began. So here you get the chance to discover it. Keep this question alive in your mind till you find the answer.’’ Yes, I did not want to kill her curiosity by presenting any controversial theory of Astronomy and cosmology on the creation of the universe. Because that could prevent a future scientist to discover the fact about the creation of the universe. And the mystery of the universe would be unknown. Then the question ‘’How was this universe created?’’ would be an unsolved question forever.

Majority of the scientists believe that this universe began from the Big Bang. I read it from the time immemorial in my life. But this theory is doubtful. I know there are many evidences to prove that the universe began from Big Bang and our universe is still expanding. However these evidences are not enough to confirm that the universe might not have begun with another event other than Big Bang.

Big Bang says that the universe is open, flat and edgeless because it is still expanding. I want to give an example here. Let’s go to a vacant room. Take a glass of water and pour it on the floor. Now the water starts to move on the ground. Assume water as our universe. Now let’s see moving water on the ground. Consider the water is open or closed, flat or round. Ask question to yourself. If water is moving on the floor, on what basis the universe is expanding? If you started the event of water expanding then who caused the first beginning of the expansion of the universe? Moving water is edgeless, but can’t room have boundary? Can’t we go out of our universe and see how is it expanding? What happens if you pour the water in different places of the room from different glasses and they are moving towards different direction leaving loop holes between one and another? Are not they multiple universes moving in different direction? Will water collapse or remain somewhere forever? Will it be moving forever like that?

Let's come to the point. If you believe on the Big Bang theory, then you must believe on the end of the universe. Not only that much, if you believe that the universe was somehow created in the past, then you must accept that it will end one day. Because the thing which has beginning must have ending. I have already said it in my previous article. Moreover Big Bang itself predicts collapse of the universe with contraction, though it depends on the reaction of the Dark Energy. Similarly, some scientists have proven that all solutions of the equations of General Theory of Relativity of Einstein imply the possible end of the universe.

So what is the conclusion? Will this universe end one day? Are we heading towards the end? A theorized scientific model Big Bounce suggests that the formation of our universe is the result of the collapse of the previous universe. In a plain language, this model suggests that the universe will repeat the cycle of a Big Bang. So the universe where we are living will definitely end one day and there will be recreation of the universe with another Big Bang. What is your opinion?