Hi, this is Don Prince. Today I am going to discuss about a cool topic {or say hot if you like} which is about our Future. Can we predict our future? What do you say? I believe, yes we can.

In order to predict our future, we have to be confirmed first whether our future is already fixed or not. Because if we can't say our future is already triggered, this article ends here concluding it is not possible. But here is a good news for you. Our future must have been fixed already. But how? Let's begin with an example.

Assume that you are acting in a drama. The total time for the drama is 60 minutes. You have 30 minutes role in this drama. After 30 minutes, you die and your role is over. Now what do you do? You will come and sit with the audience and see rest of the parts of the drama, right?

Now answer the following question:
''Was your future already fixed in this drama?''

Yes, you were going to die after 30 minutes in the drama which was already fixed.

Our life is somewhat like a drama. We are acting on the stage. We feel. We think. We love. We hate. We laugh. We cry. We are born. We die. We are doing what we have been directed by the director. But we don't feel we are acting. Because we have been instructed by the director to feel real while acting. He has also strictly instructed us to remember past and present of the drama and forget future so that our acting does not seem to be artificial. He wants to make his drama natural.

This is the reason we remember present and past but not future.

But what if you disobey the director and start feeling you are acting? What if you try to think about future? Sounds crazy. Keep on thinking......

Let's come to point. Question again. How can we say that our future must have been fixed already?

The M theory of Physics has its answer. M theory deals with the infinite universes with every possible alternatives of the events as parallel universes.

This sounds starnge in public. But it is the most burning theory in Science. It is supposed to be the theory of everything in future.

Ok, this much. Now you will believe what I am going to say.

What are you doing now? You are reading this article. What will happen to you after reading this article? Is it fixed?

There are multiple possibiliteis of your future. After you finish this article, you may sleep. Life goes as usual tomorrow in the morning. Or, someone may call you. You receive the call. You go outside and you are shot dead {I am sorry}. Or, your best friend will come to you. You will discuss about your business. There are infinite numbers of possibilities. Every possibility is a new universe. You are living everywhere. The only difference is your thought and your action. Remember particle can be at multiple places at a same time.

Be happy and excited. You are a Superman somewhere in another universe. You are saving the life of people reight now.

Now let me say what your are going to face after reading this artilce is already fixed. You can't say what will happen to you because you can not remember future. But you will act accordingly and it will happen. For example, you received a call. You went out side and you were shot dead.

It's not clear. Let's continue. Now suppose before someone called you, I called you and warned not to receive next call and not to go out. Then what will happen?

You will not receive that call. You will not go outside. You are saved. You will sleep and life goes as usual. right? No.

In this case, you will not believe me. Instead you may call police. Police will arrest me. Then you will be called by someone else. You go outside. And you will die.

Because your future was already fixed. You can not change your future.

Yes, there were more possibilities like you would sleep. Life would go as usual. But you can not do it. Because this possibility is one of the timelines of parallel universes. That is another universe. You can not jump from one universe to another.

It's like a train running in a track. There are many other lines where similar types of trains are running in different directions. But they can't jump from one track to another. It is managed by the creator to avoid accident.

Sorry, you are many but you can not meet anyone. You can not meet yourself and ask ''How are you?''

Now you may be convinced that our futuere is already fixed. That means we can predict our future. But how?

We have not developed such Science yet. Or may be Astrology is right.