It's amazing. We still don't know the meaning of our life. More surprisingly, most of the people even don't care.

Scientists think about who and why we are. And therefore they are often taken as insane. Specially, when they talk about it. People rush after money as if they are going to shift in another planet where they do not have to die. They behave like characters of a computer game who can not think beyond the codes coded by the coder. But life sucks. We are dying without knowing our real identity. It's reality.

Newton said, ''What I know is a drop. What I don't know is an ocean.'' Our universe is infinitely vast. In future, we will be able to capture the picture of our universe. But we can not see our earth there with our naked eyes. So standing on the earth with a little mind in a small head, if we think we are the intelligent, that's not intelligence.

Many theories came and are still coming. But they did not give much except providing interesting themes for the sci-fi movies. They unnecessarily made Physics more complex.

One day, my friend asked me in a scientific discussion, ''Where will we go after we die?'' I, getting no way, replied, ''We will go there where we were before we were born.'' That sounds frustrating. Right?

I wrote about 'Many Tribes Hypothesis' in my previous article that concluded there are various tribes of species from microorganisms found in air to the most advanced aliens living in a star very far from us. And we humans are unqualified to explore our universe. Because we are not made for that purpose. It's like a frog in a ditch trying to figure out the shape of the earth. That's really disappointing. Isn't it? Don't worry. Think once  again. Isn't it possible that we are the advanced civilization upper than all since we are exploring the universe?

Today I have brought a new concept, i.e., 'One universe, One intelligent'. Our universe is one of the members of multiverse. Every universe has one intelligent that explores the universe. Since we humans are exploring, we are the intelligent in our world. So we have not found any aliens yet. Neither have they found us. But it's possible we will find species lower than us. Let NASA keep on searching the life beyond the earth. They will find lives but that will not be smarter than us.

It sounds a pure theory. If you think theories are just theories in Science, you need to read more theories.

Einstein said, ''Imagination is greater than knowledge.'' Theory, at first, is an imagination. Scientists prove them mathematically. Later it becomes knowledge.

But mathematics is not the only language of Science. There may be many other languages that speak Science. One of them is Philosophy.

As you say everything is mathematical, I say everything is philosophical. Philosophy is the mirror of Science. So far, we are understating Philosophy with reference to Science. Isn't it possible to explain Science through Philosophy? Huh! Sounds interesting.

Have a look around. People are not good or bad absolutely. Don't they follow the theory of relativity?

Look at the beauty of quantum mechanics. They tell about 'Many Worlds Theory'. Just think for a minute. Every person has a unique story having separate world of himself/herself. And the worlds are infinite.

The concept of 'One Universe, One Intelligent' stands on the base of 'Many Worlds Theory'. Almost all physicists believe on 'Many Worlds Theory'. It solves the oddities of all theories. Perhaps, it will be the 'theory of everything' in future.