Is God Particle Related to God?

Hi, everyone! This is Don Prince. Today I am interviewing a scholar namely Mr. Keshav Ram Timalsina on the old aged topic of 'God'.

Mr. Keshav Ram Timalsina is from Nepal, the country of Mt. Everest and Gautam Buddha. He is a well known professor who teaches various subjects. He loves to speak on Science and Spirituality.

Don: Let us start with the most famous question on the street. Does God exist?
Keshav: I personally do believe on God. The most convincing reason is that religion speaks about Science. For instance, Mahabharata has a story of time floating different in different space. If the story had been merely a fairy tale, it wouldn't have been so scientific. This fact, indeed, compels anyone to take God seriously.

Don: Hinduism, for ages, believes God is inside every atom in the universe. Later scientists also discovered 'God Particle'. Is there any connection between God and God Particle?
Keshav: It's true whether Hindus, since the time immemorial, believed God is inside every atom. As God Particle is found everywhere in the universe, it seems to support the traditional belief. However, it has no relation with God. It's just a coincidence.

Don: Now, let me question directly. If God exists, why has no one seen it in history?
Keshav: Quantum Mechanics has its better answer. According to the concept of multiverse, our universe is one of the members of the infinite universes. In this scenario, we can't expect God being present everywhere.

Don: Almost all scholars believing on God have strong religious background, why?
Keshav: No one can prove God. Neither can anyone disprove. Those who believe or disbelieve are doing it since their childhood which is backed by their family and community. People start questioning when they grow up. A few can change their belief.

Don: Did God create the universe?
Keshav: The Big Bang theory tells us the universe began from a dot of singularity. But what caused big bang is unknown. Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku has mathematically proven an omnipotent power behind the story of the beginning of  time and space. May be his equation is indicating the existence of God.

Don: Can't Big Bang be a coincidence?
Keshav: No, not at all. It can't happen itself. Because it violates some established laws of Physics. In other hand, everything in the universe is so orderly. It must have been trigger by intelligence.

Don: Thank you for the interview.
Keshav: You are most welcome

6 Unsolved Questions in Astronomy

Universe is crowded with innumerable unknown mysteries. Here is a short list of unknown discovery:

1. How was the universe originated?
2. Is there existence of Higs Boson Particle? {Update: It has been discovered now}
3. Which particle is responsible for gravitational force?
4. Is there any human civilization in other parts of the universe?
5. Where is the space radiation come from?
6. How is the shape of the satellite of Uranus?

Why Didn't the World End in 2012?

{This article had been published before 21 December 2012. It has been republished.}

Are we dying in 2012? How many days do we have in our hands to live our life in this world? These two breath taking questions have become the most fearful questions since we have just entered 2012 AD. Do you have answers of these questions? If you don’t, you should not worry. The answers are ‘No, we are not really dying in 2012’ and ‘We have many years in our hands to live in this world’.

Why are we not dying in 2012? This is a most lovely question for you because you are living in a fear of death which is slightly less than death. I hope this article will be successful to remove the confusion from the mind of several people who are very anxious due to the issue of 2012. So once again same question, why are we not dying in 2012?

- The first reason is related to Mayan Calendar. It is said that the world will end on 21st December 2012 A.D. because this is the last day in Mayan Calendar. Yes, it is true that the Mayan Calendar will end on 21st December 2012. But it has nothing to do anything with the existence or end of the world. So the base of this rumor is very weak. The end of any calendar does not mean the end of the world. This type of belief is so unscientific, conservative and ridiculous that only the man with no common sense can believe it. In the other hand, suppose that it is true when the Mayan Calendar ends the world will end then why it was not spread before?

- It is also said that natural disaster will take place and it will wash away the vast number of people on 21st December 2012 AD which is 100% false because according to science, the natural disaster can’t be predicted on any certain day like that. So it is proved that it is a planned rumor.

- It is also said that a new planet named Nibiru will collide with the earth and the earth will destroy on that day. It is scientifically false because it is very easy to find out any planet coming near the earth. But no scientists and science agencies have noticed any planet running towards the earth. And another thing if we notice any planet coming towards the earth, then it is not a new or difficult task for our technology to change the path of that planet.

- Just notice that any national or international issues take place on this earth, your government as well as international organizations will be centralized in the discussion. But do you know any day the cabinet of your state is holding meeting on the issue of 2012? Any agenda is presented in UNO? Or you think it is a miner issue? Obviously not, neither governments nor any science agency have made it issue to discuss. The only one common reason is that there is no strong point in this issue. This is nothing more than making money on the people's foolishness.

- It is praiseworthy talent ever shown that whoever has tried to mislead the people by this false rumor has tried his/her best to prove it scientifically. This issue has been tried to link with the issue of global warming and international dispute. It is true that global warming is indicating the destruction of world in near future but this time is very far from 2012. It takes long years for global warming to cause destruction. Moreover, it won’t affect the earth on any certain day. It will be gradually causing destruction in the world. In the other hand there is no chance of world war in 2012 which could have caused the end the world in such a short period of time.

We very near to 21st December. It is believed that the world will have a violent end on this date. Although this is controversial, it can’t be rejected that everyone has fear in their mind.

Here is no need to beat about bush as everyone knows its background and they want to come to the point but we must begin from the starting point.

21st December and end of the world, it’s related with Mayans civilization. Mayans are very popular for their mathematics and astronomy knowledge. This civilization was flourished between third and ten century AD in Southern Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize and Western Honduras. The descendants of Mayans still exist in the world today although by 1200 AD Mayans civilization had collapsed.

Mayans had developed several calendars. But let’s consider only about the Long Count Calendar as this is related with the end of the world. This calendar was started on 13th August 3114 BC {in Long Count Calendar it is written like this:}. This calendar has 13 cycles that is called the Great Cycle. It means the calendar is ended in {In Gregorian calendar (our modern English calendar) it is written like this: 21st December 2012 AD}. So 22nd December 2012 is according to the Long Count Calendar. That’s why people say that on 21st December the world will end and from 22nd December new era will start because it is beginning of the new Great cycle in accordance with the Long Count Calendar. Today is 13th October 2012 and according to the Long Count Calendar, its and tomorrow it will be There is an interesting point that both Kalyug and the Long Count Calendar started about 5,000 years ago. This point should be noticed that Kalyug is the final age according to Hinduism.

However, there is no any scientific proof and clue which advocate that the world is ended on 21st December. NASA says through its few articles that there will be some changes in the position of the sun on that day. But it doesn’t mention any word about any unwanted destruction. Some people believe, a planet will collide with the earth but it is also ridiculous because if it had been so, the scientists would have already noticed it. Mayans themselves don’t believe on this rumor. Rather they are planning to celebrate the end of the Great Cycle and the beginning of the new Great cycle as we celebrate New Year after the end of each 30th December. So let’s get rid of the fear and join their new era party.

Some Amazing Solar System Facts

1. The Solar System was formed 4.568 billion years ago.

2. There is no planet other than Earth which has sea and ocean.

3. Neptune has 14 satellites.

4. Humans have succeeded to set the foot only on the Moon after Earth.

5. The two planets Jupiter and Saturn have no surface.

6. The surface of Mercury is similar to the Moon.

7. Venus is explained as Earth’s sister or twin.

8. Mars can be easily seen from the Earth with naked eyes.

9. Uranus is the only planet which is named from the figure from Greek Mythology rather than Roman.

10. The Sun comprises about 99.86% of the total mass of the Solar System.

Why Did She Reject You?

Got rejected? Wanna know the cause? The cause is because no one likes anyone to love, everyone choose someone for love. Yes, we don't like, we choose.

Suppose apple is your favorite fruit. After apple you like orange and thereafter banana. If I give you option to choose anyone among apple, orange, banana and grapes, then which one will you select? You will definitely choose apple. But what if I remove apple from the list? Which one do you select? You will surely choose orange, right? Why? Because there is absence of apple.

Now, let's connect this example with love and attraction. Better we start from our initial point. Why she rejected you? Because she has better option of you. Unlike illustrated above, she may choose you if somehow you are proven you are better than her choice. You also have a chance if her choice does not like her. Because it will cause disappearance of her best choice.

Every lovers make like ranks subconsciously to choose their partners. They always try to select their first choice. If they fail, they go to the second. This law of attraction is the main cause people leave one for another. This is also the reason some people fall in love even with less attractive person.

How Can You Easily Deal With A Break Up?

People often break the heart of another in love because most of them think break up as a normal event in life. But it can destroy the life of another if he/she does not think like that. It is more complicated if it leads to a mental problem. Suicide, murder, revenge and depression will encounter. I created this article to take the people out of the grief who get deceived or rejected by others.

I helped so many people in life who came to me with the break up and rejection problem. And I am very proud to be successful to convince them with the word of mouth. I am writing this article to help people who may not know me or anyone similar.

Let's start. I assume you as being deceived in love. What are you planning now? Are you going to convince her/him? Beware! Never do like that. Because the person who deceives one time can deceive thousand times. Then you are going to suicide now? So funny! You are going to kill yourself for the person who betrayed you. What a foolish person you are! I am really laughing at the background.

You also may be inside the deep trance of depression. Come on. Wake up. Let's go to visit somewhere. You will find yourself being lucky to have a second chance to choose a better partner. And there are many options. So be happy and do not forget to say thanks to God who saved you from the bad choice.

I forgot one thing. You also may think of revenge. You might be thinking of even killing him/her. Don't be so crazy. Has the incidence turned you into a psycho person? Ask this question with yourself. And don't forget to rethink this thing that you are in vain going to destroy your life by going in jail.

I know some people are depressed not with the reason they lost their love. They are sad because they lost trust. When they get cheated in life, specially by them whom they trusted with no bound, they are not in the condition of believing any one in the future. This is caused by the mental damages triggered by the unpleasant and unexpected incidence like being betrayed. Try to convince yourself by positive thinking. 

Life is full of ups and downs. Some people think that they are the only who are suffering. But if we investigate into the lives of other people, we can find that every heart beat is saying sad stories. However, most of them are happy. Because they understand life properly. So forget the past, live the present and make the future.

3 Questions Even Edison Didn't Ask

Thomas Elba Edison was all in all a big question in the word of his own father. When he was admitted to school, he flooded questions as if he had got license to ask questions. But unfortunately his questions drove him out of the school in a few days. Then he never went back to school. Rather he made mind to search the answer of his questions himself. This fact made him the versatile scientist of the world. He did more than 1000 inventions. He is specially remembered for lighting the whole world through a notable contribution in electric bulb.

We should not stop someone asking questions. Neither should we be tired of asking questions. Because when questions stop, invention stops. And when invention stops, the civilization stops. So we should ask genuine questions with each other that makes our world alive. That’s why today I am asking some questions to you. I hope you will try to answer them.

Questions 1:
Can a photo of a person predict physical condition for future?
Last year, one of my friends showed me his photo and said, ‘’Look at me in this picture. I have got a big stomach though I don’t really have it.’’ Nowadays he really has got it. This incidence has raised a question on my mind, ‘What’s there in the lens of the camera that can take the photograph of future? Is this the beginning history of the future capturing camera?

Question 2:
Why do the faces of people match with animals?
I have noticed many people whose face matches with some animals like elephant, tiger, monkey, cat, mouse, etc. Why are they matching with animals? Do all people match with some kind of animals of the world? Is it coincidence or it has got some hidden secret of the human history?

Question 3:
Food affects the nature of man or man eats according to their nature?
I have seen some particular people having particular types of food. Just for example, a childish type of man eating the children’s stuff and people eating oily food are dull with mind. So I want to be clear, food affects people or people eat according to their nature?

I think the world is full of questions. We don’t know even those questions. Answers are very far. However we must not leave searching questions. Because this is the first step to head towards answers.

Is Time Travel Possible?

What if you are able to go back to your past? You may correct some of the greatest mistakes of your life. You will also visit the persons whom you have only seen on photos. You will have long list to do in the past that you will not have time to get back from there, right? I am just kidding.

But do you know some of the scientists like Stephen Hawking say that it is possible to reach future but not to the past. He argues that if going to past had been possible, someone from future would have visited us at present. But  many scientists do not match with him. They say that that may be only oddity not difficulty. Is time travel really possible?

Travelling through time specially refers to going back to past not to the future and going back to the past violates the laws of the physics. There are paradoxes which say it is impossible. Most popular one is grandfather paradox. It says that if time travel is possible and you went back to the time but you killed your grandfather before your father was born, it means you will not be born in the future, Then who went to the past to kill your grandfather? So travelling back through time is against the laws of causality in Physics.

Wait, the article is not over now. Paradoxes are only oddities not impossibilities. Many theories have been developed which solve the problem of paradox. One of them is Many Worlds Theory. This theory has solved all questions of grandfather paradox. This theory advocates the existence of the parallel universes. So if you go back to the future or past that is not the universe you were living. That is another universe parallel to this universe. It means you can kill your grandfather there but that does not affect your present or future.

All of you know that Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity supports the existence of wormholes. Wormhole is all around us. Wormholes are believed to be the shortcut to the time. It means if you enter through the wormhole, you will reach to the past. But wormholes are so small that we can’t even see it with our naked eyes. How can we enter there? However some scientists believe that it is possible to catch one of the wormholes and enlarge it to enter human body inside. For that we should have very advanced technology.

Humans do not know wormholes are really existed or not. But they have some proofs to prove the existence of the black holes. Black hole can be the means to reach future. Because due to strong gravity, time passes so quickly near the black hole. That means if time travellers rounds the black hole, they will reach in future world. But it is really so risky. No one knows if someone falls into the black hole, what happens to him. His body may be converted into a tiny atom. May be he will again arrive in our universe. And also may be our universe with the present time is a white hole.

Travelling to the future means travelling with the speed of light. Laws of Physics forbid anyone from travelling with the speed of light. Einstein says that it is not possible to travel faster than light. If someone travels faster than light, the time stops for him. It means he will die. All scientists do not agree with Einstein. However no one has proved him wrong. But here is a good news. You should not travel faster than light to reach future. You should travel near the speed of light. But for that, we need too much energy and very advanced rocket which can round the earth about 7 times in a second. Till now, the hadrons collider in the Switzerland is the fastest motion on the earth that can be the future time machine. Also if the collider originates special type of new particle like higgs boson, that can have multiple dimensions and one of them can be the way to past or future. One of the members of CERN has said.

Scientists say TIME as fourth dimension after length, width and height. Travelling through time means going to the past or future. If you can make a time machine that can walk on time, it will take you in the desired time that is past or future. Currently we are travelling in one direction with the speed of 60 seconds per minute. Time is like a river which is flowing in one direction. Is not it possible to swim back if we manage energy and way to swim backward? So majority of physicists believe that one day humans will make time machine.

Besides the ideas above the concept of Cosmic String and Bipolar Cylinder are also famous in Physics as the reliable theories to travel past or future.

Physical presence in the past or future may be impossible. Is it hypothetical? But one can travel past or future through technology and mind. Yes, mind can travel in the fourth dimension which is Time. Mind can travel faster than light though it is immaterial. But matter may not travel on time. So only one way to reach past or future is by developing the technology with mind. Just you think, you can go to past or future by closing your eyes. But that is also imaginary. We should be able to bring such technology that keeps our body in a machine on the earth and our mind in the past or future universe.
Happy Travelling!

What Happened to Radha After Krishna Left Vrindavan? Part-II

Hello everyone! This is Don Prince. After a long time I am writing here. Why am I passive on this blog? I will tell you about it at the end of this post. Now let's come to our topic of today.

What happened to Radha after Krishna left Vrindavan? I wrote about it in a post in 2013. In the post, I concluded my 9 months long research proving that Radha and Rukmani were same. Soon, it spread all over the internet. I don't say that I am the first person to think that they were same. Because it was already somewhere in the ancient documents. I only collected the supporting evidences. But you can't deny the fact that my work popularized the theory. Later it was copied by several blogs and videos. However, I didn't claim copyright. Because my intention was not to be famous or make money, but to bring the truth into the light. And they were unknowingly helping me by republishing my work.

But today, after 7 years, I am changing my conclusion. I am sorry to say this. The direction of my research was totally wrong. I mean Radha and Rukmani were not same. They were 2 different personalities. Then how was I mistaken? Anyone can ask this question. Actually my intention behind my research was not to find out what happened to Radha after Krishna left. My intention was only to prove that there was no one else except Radha in Krishna's life.

What made me change the direction of my research? Why did I change the objective of the research? And why am I totally concentrated to tell the whole story of Radha in her perspectives now? Well, there is a reason and this is a long story. It's so long that I wrote a full novel based on it. If you want to read the novel, you can order Kindle or Printed version anytime in Amazon. And don't think that it's a promotion of my book. I mentioned it here because it's highly recommendable.

Now let's come to the point. How can we say that Radha and Rukmani were not same? Don't worry. I never speak without logic and evidence. I have collected many strong evidences. One of them is the age difference between Radha and Rukmani. Radha was around 12 years older than Krishna and Rukmani was around 7 years younger than Krishna. If Radha and Rukmani were same, how can they be of different age?

I have many other proofs. I will tell all in my in-depth post, but not in an article, but in a video. Yes, you are hearing right.

Now let me tell you why I am passive in this blog. By the way, I have shifted from blog to vlog. But this blog will be being updated by my team and I also post sometimes.

After a few days, I will post my video "What Happened to Radha After Krishna Left Vrindavan? Part-II" on our YouTube channel. If you don't want to miss the video, click here to subscribe the channel. And also don't forget to press the bell icon so whenever a new video is posted, you get a notification too.

Now it's time to depart. Stay safe in this Corona pandemic. Radhe Radhe!

End of the Universe?

Stephen Hawking, the greatest living scientist after Einstein, doubts the human beings can exist in the next century. He says that the risk is in nuclear war, artificial intelligence, alien war and environmental degradation. As ‘Beginning of the Universe’ topic is a must discuss topic before explaining the term ‘End of the Universe’, I must begin it from the creation of the universe.

‘’How was our universe created?’’ A 12 years old child had asked me this question. I answered, ‘’We still don’t know it.’’ I know it was a really beautiful question. I also know that the discussion of this topic would be more interesting. However I closed this topic and said, ‘’Yes, it is true that we still don’t know how this universe was created. But don’t be depressed. You should be happy that no scientist has laid universally accepted theory that can explain how the universe began. So here you get the chance to discover it. Keep this question alive in your mind till you find the answer.’’ Yes, I did not want to kill her curiosity by presenting any controversial theory of Astronomy and cosmology on the creation of the universe. Because that could prevent a future scientist to discover the fact about the creation of the universe. And the mystery of the universe would be unknown. Then the question ‘’How was this universe created?’’ would be an unsolved question forever.

Majority of the scientists believe that this universe began from the Big Bang. I read it from the time immemorial in my life. But this theory is doubtful. I know there are many evidences to prove that the universe began from Big Bang and our universe is still expanding. However these evidences are not enough to confirm that the universe might not have begun with another event other than Big Bang.

Big Bang says that the universe is open, flat and edgeless because it is still expanding. I want to give an example here. Let’s go to a vacant room. Take a glass of water and pour it on the floor. Now the water starts to move on the ground. Assume water as our universe. Now let’s see moving water on the ground. Consider the water is open or closed, flat or round. Ask question to yourself. If water is moving on the floor, on what basis the universe is expanding? If you started the event of water expanding then who caused the first beginning of the expansion of the universe? Moving water is edgeless, but can’t room have boundary? Can’t we go out of our universe and see how is it expanding? What happens if you pour the water in different places of the room from different glasses and they are moving towards different direction leaving loop holes between one and another? Are not they multiple universes moving in different direction? Will water collapse or remain somewhere forever? Will it be moving forever like that?

Let's come to the point. If you believe on the Big Bang theory, then you must believe on the end of the universe. Not only that much, if you believe that the universe was somehow created in the past, then you must accept that it will end one day. Because the thing which has beginning must have ending. I have already said it in my previous article. Moreover Big Bang itself predicts collapse of the universe with contraction, though it depends on the reaction of the Dark Energy. Similarly, some scientists have proven that all solutions of the equations of General Theory of Relativity of Einstein imply the possible end of the universe.

So what is the conclusion? Will this universe end one day? Are we heading towards the end? A theorized scientific model Big Bounce suggests that the formation of our universe is the result of the collapse of the previous universe. In a plain language, this model suggests that the universe will repeat the cycle of a Big Bang. So the universe where we are living will definitely end one day and there will be recreation of the universe with another Big Bang. What is your opinion?

Is Rebirth Possible?

One of the reasons people want to believe on rebirth is they want to live forever. But is rebirth really possible? Is it a fact or just fiction? I personally accept the rebirth hypothesis. And why? Let's begin.

Psychological Point of View
After researching some days on the topic of 'Rebirth', the strongest point I caught to support the rebirth phenomenon is that in most of the cases, past life memories tend to appear at the age of two to six, after eight the experience begins to disappear, and with few exceptions, vanishes completely in adolescent.

I believe all children have past life memories either directly or indirectly, mostly indirectly. Let me clarify it. You may have wondered how a one year child is aware of the fire. You may have noticed how a child is aware of the height of a place. More amazingly, how quickly a child learns language. All it's doing is with past life experiences. After age of eight, the child would have developed self controlling on such things. Then it begins to forget the past memories and earns the future experiences. But some continue to remember past life memories even in adolescence. It is because there is always a special purpose behind his/her birth.

Theory of Cause and Effect
Now let's talk about Science. What are the scientific arguments that can take side of Rebirth? I would like to begin with an established theory of Physics, i.e., 'the theory of causality' which is simply known as the 'theory of cause and effect'.

I don't want to spend digital inks here for explaining in detail what the theory of cause and effect is. Because it is not our mainstream topic today. I just give a funny example that will vividly clarify this theory. When a girl and a boy marry, they will give birth to a baby. This is exactly the theory of cause and effect. Here you can not expect effect without cause and when there is cause, there must be effect.

Let me open the pages of Philosophy. You will wonder if you consider the fact how our current actions affect our coming future. You will reap what you sow. Do good , outcome will be good. Be bad, bad will happen. In my whole life I have noticed it. But there is a question what if a person dies without facing the effects of his/her good or bad acts? It's simple. To maintain the cycle of cause and effect, nature deals with the thing like rebirth.

Quantum Mechanics
Another mechanism that can strongly advocate rebirth is quantum mechanics. What is this? This is study of the universe in smallest scale like atom or sub atomic particles.

There are around 100 trillions cells in our body. Each cell consists of 100 trillions atoms which were formed millions of years ago, before we were born. More interestingly, they will remain in the universe even after we die. They can just change their form. They can never be destroyed. There is an amazing belief that our consciousness or soul exists as energy at a sub atomic level. It means our consciousness or soul is simply a packet of information stored at a quantum. After death, it comes out of the body and enters in another which is called rebirth. Max Planck, a Nobel Prize winner Physicist and the father of quantum theory has said, ''I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We can not get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.''

Finally I want to pour my personal thought that our consciousness or soul might have begun with the event of Big Bang and then everything we experience is happening as per the set up cycle. So we can say we were, are and will be in all times till the universe exists. What do you think? Let's discuss in the comment section.

Time Travel in Mahabharata

Time travel to the future is no more a strict theory in Physics. Today, majority of the known scientists advocate on the possibility of time travel to the future and also to the past. In a nut shell, we will have a Time Machine in near future.

After the emergence of Einstein’s special theory of relativity, the discussion on the topic of time travel has become hotter. According to the theory, if a mass was accelerated near the speed of light, the time for the mass will slow down on the earth. This is called time dilation. The theory also says time and space to be the same which has increased the possibility of time travel once more.

Do you know the concept of the time dilation emerged by Einstein was already mentioned in Mahabharata, the old text of Hindus? Yes, it is true. Before revealing the truth, I want to present another amazing fact here.

If you have read Hindu scriptures, you must have known Balaram, the brother of Lord Krishna. Who was Balaram married to? It’s Revati, right? But most of you don’t know that Revati was more than thousand years elder than Balaram and she looked younger than Balaram? But how? How can someone live more than 100 years? And how can she look younger? The answer is time travel.

Actually Revati had time travelled from the earth to Brahama Lok and Brahma Lok to the earth with her father Raivata. Revati was so beautiful that Raivata could not select the suitable person to marry with her. So he along with Revati went to the Brahma Lok to meet Lord Brahma for the suggestion. When they reached Brahma Lok, Brahma was listening songs with Gandarvas. So they waited for a while. Later Brahma asked them the reason to come there. After listening everything Brahma told that there was no reason to worry for the selection of Revati’s candidate. As time passes in different frequencies in different places, thousands of years had been passed on the earth. Everyone of the choices of Raivata as well as other contemporary people have already died on the earth. At last Brahma suggested that Krishna and Balaram have taken birth on the earth. Revati can marry with Balaram. Then they returned and did as planned earlier.

Einstein said time is different in different places and now it is a verified fact. But how wonderful the great discovery of Einstein was already existed in the Hindu Scripture! In fact it is only one of the examples. If we go deeply on the each and every old text of Hindus, we can find thousand of hints to the hundred of the new discoveries.

10 Things That Your Physics Teacher Taught Were Completely Wrong

It is said that the real genius is the one who learns everything thinking that the stuffs they are learning might be wrong too regardless how much popular and authentic the information may be. I think reading new thing is similar to digging the field. The more you dig the more soil you collect. The information which Aristotle discovered was proven wrong in the time of Newton. And the things which Newton discovered were proven wrong by Einstein. And the things discovered by Einstein might be proven wrong by someone else in the future. So I think the reader should take anything read as reference only. To illustrate my opinion, I have collected 10 popular beliefs of Physics which are still spreading as a superstition and myth, though scientists have already proven them to be wrong. Let’s see.

1. Many people still illustrate that Newton discovered laws of gravitation by watching an apple falling down from the tree. It is true that Newton discovered laws of gravitation but he has not mentioned anywhere that he did it by watching an apple falling down.

2. I was sometimes asked by my offline colleagues and students about the mystery of Bermuda Triangle. When I ask them to plot their understanding first about it before I explain, then they say that it is the triangular shaped area in the Atlantic Ocean. According to the worldwide belief, many aircrafts have been mysteriously lost in this area. When I asked what might be the reason behind it, then the uniform answer I get is that it happens due to the strong gravitational force of the area.

Now let me present the reality. I agree that there is a place named Bermuda which is an Iceland and Bermuda Triangle is named after it. But Bermuda Triangle, the sea giant, is hypothetical. The concept of mysterious gravitational force is very ridiculous. Because if there had really been so strong gravitational force that could pull down even the flying aeroplanes, then that place would have converted into a black hole and everything around would have been dragged inside it. Similarly the another most widely known reason behind the mystery of giant triangle is that there is the gateway to the lost city of Atlantis which was far developed than today’s technology. Both concepts are very funny because many ships travel every day through the Bermuda Triangle. But the travellers experience neither gravitational force nor do they find any lost city of Atlantis.

For more information, Bermuda triangle is not listed in the list of United States Board of geographical places. In conclusion, Bermuda Triangle is nothing more than a promotional, intellectual and business stunt of scholars.

3. I often find some people believing that Einstein had used only 10% of his mind potentiality. How can it be possible? If a man uses only 10% of mind capacity, what happens to the rest of the 90%? Is that paralysed? According to the scientists, everyone’s brain is always active by 100%. So we can’t say that Einstein has used only ten percentage of his mind potentiality. However 10% mind potentiality myth is still a controversial issue. There are many movies in Hollywood that support the 10% mind capacity myth. One of them I have watched is Lucy. Where Lucy becomes super intelligence equivalent to God after upgrading mind power from 10% to 100%. But it is still not proven scientifically.

4. When people discuss about reaching aliens’ planet or doing time travel, they present the idea of making a spacecraft which can travel faster than light. In fact, travelling faster than light is against the established theory of Physics. If we believe we can travel faster than light, we have to rewrite the physics. It is impossible. Einstein says that we can never go faster than light. If we can, we will die. So, the world can never have a spacecraft that can travel faster than light. It is already proven in the CERN that matter can travel only 99.99% of the speed of light. It is proven by accelerating particles near the speed of light not more than it.

5. Einstein is not the real inventor of nuclear bomb. He only showed the path to develop it. He had suggested US government to start nuclear project before Germany invents it. Because he believed that nuclear power should be invented at first in US. But Einstein did not participate directly in the first nuclear power project. Einstein is linked with the invention of nuclear bomb only because the nuclear bomb was invented on his idea of general theory of relativity that large power can be generated through a small matter if that is thrown in the speed of light.

6. Gravitational force discovered by Newton is not the actual reason planets revolve around the sun. According to the Einstein it is because the universe is curve. However Newton’s theory is accepted worldwide. Stephen Hawking says that it happened because Newton’s theory is more practicable and very easy.

7. District six is not the place of aliens’ prison. It is the former inner city residential area of South Africa where about 60,000 inhabitants were forcefully removed by apartheid regime in 1970 A.D. District 9, the Hollywood movie based on this event, has been released worldwide which is a modified story of aliens who were trapped on the earth with their spacecraft. So the rumour has spread that District Six is the banned place for humans.

8. God particle is not related to God. Its real name is Higgs Boson. During research, Peter Higgs, the discoverer of this particle, was so overwhelmed that he blamed God for irritation and named it God particle.

9. There are not only four dimensions {width, height, length and time}. According to modern scientists there are more than 12 dimensions, though we don’t know them. This belief is similar to the belief that there are only five senses like smell, hearing, taste, touch and sight{determined by Aristotle} where as there are more than 20 senses like thirst, hunger, pain etc.

10. General relativity is not the merely unique discovery of Einstein. Unlike Marxism of Karl Marx, General theory of relativity was already scattered in the world. Einstein integrated it and gave a new form. Think that there was no house on the earth. But there were bricks, water, cement, rod, furniture, paint, etc. Einstein collected all these things and gave an idea that these things can build a house. This idea later was proven by the engineers by building a house.

Do you agree with the facts mentioned above? If yes, what are other things you know? If you don’t agree, don’t forget to present your logic to start the intellectual discussion.

Can We Predict Our Future?

Hi, this is Don Prince. Today I am going to discuss about a cool topic {or say hot if you like} which is about our Future. Can we predict our future? What do you say? I believe, yes we can.

In order to predict our future, we have to be confirmed first whether our future is already fixed or not. Because if we can't say our future is already triggered, this article ends here concluding it is not possible. But here is a good news for you. Our future must have been fixed already. But how? Let's begin with an example.

Assume that you are acting in a drama. The total time for the drama is 60 minutes. You have 30 minutes role in this drama. After 30 minutes, you die and your role is over. Now what do you do? You will come and sit with the audience and see rest of the parts of the drama, right?

Now answer the following question:
''Was your future already fixed in this drama?''

Yes, you were going to die after 30 minutes in the drama which was already fixed.

Our life is somewhat like a drama. We are acting on the stage. We feel. We think. We love. We hate. We laugh. We cry. We are born. We die. We are doing what we have been directed by the director. But we don't feel we are acting. Because we have been instructed by the director to feel real while acting. He has also strictly instructed us to remember past and present of the drama and forget future so that our acting does not seem to be artificial. He wants to make his drama natural.

This is the reason we remember present and past but not future.

But what if you disobey the director and start feeling you are acting? What if you try to think about future? Sounds crazy. Keep on thinking......

Let's come to point. Question again. How can we say that our future must have been fixed already?

The M theory of Physics has its answer. M theory deals with the infinite universes with every possible alternatives of the events as parallel universes.

This sounds starnge in public. But it is the most burning theory in Science. It is supposed to be the theory of everything in future.

Ok, this much. Now you will believe what I am going to say.

What are you doing now? You are reading this article. What will happen to you after reading this article? Is it fixed?

There are multiple possibiliteis of your future. After you finish this article, you may sleep. Life goes as usual tomorrow in the morning. Or, someone may call you. You receive the call. You go outside and you are shot dead {I am sorry}. Or, your best friend will come to you. You will discuss about your business. There are infinite numbers of possibilities. Every possibility is a new universe. You are living everywhere. The only difference is your thought and your action. Remember particle can be at multiple places at a same time.

Be happy and excited. You are a Superman somewhere in another universe. You are saving the life of people reight now.

Now let me say what your are going to face after reading this artilce is already fixed. You can't say what will happen to you because you can not remember future. But you will act accordingly and it will happen. For example, you received a call. You went out side and you were shot dead.

It's not clear. Let's continue. Now suppose before someone called you, I called you and warned not to receive next call and not to go out. Then what will happen?

You will not receive that call. You will not go outside. You are saved. You will sleep and life goes as usual. right? No.

In this case, you will not believe me. Instead you may call police. Police will arrest me. Then you will be called by someone else. You go outside. And you will die.

Because your future was already fixed. You can not change your future.

Yes, there were more possibilities like you would sleep. Life would go as usual. But you can not do it. Because this possibility is one of the timelines of parallel universes. That is another universe. You can not jump from one universe to another.

It's like a train running in a track. There are many other lines where similar types of trains are running in different directions. But they can't jump from one track to another. It is managed by the creator to avoid accident.

Sorry, you are many but you can not meet anyone. You can not meet yourself and ask ''How are you?''

Now you may be convinced that our futuere is already fixed. That means we can predict our future. But how?

We have not developed such Science yet. Or may be Astrology is right.

Aliens Can Exist in Our Universe?

It's amazing. We still don't know the meaning of our life. More surprisingly, most of the people even don't care.

Scientists think about who and why we are. And therefore they are often taken as insane. Specially, when they talk about it. People rush after money as if they are going to shift in another planet where they do not have to die. They behave like characters of a computer game who can not think beyond the codes coded by the coder. But life sucks. We are dying without knowing our real identity. It's reality.

Newton said, ''What I know is a drop. What I don't know is an ocean.'' Our universe is infinitely vast. In future, we will be able to capture the picture of our universe. But we can not see our earth there with our naked eyes. So standing on the earth with a little mind in a small head, if we think we are the intelligent, that's not intelligence.

Many theories came and are still coming. But they did not give much except providing interesting themes for the sci-fi movies. They unnecessarily made Physics more complex.

One day, my friend asked me in a scientific discussion, ''Where will we go after we die?'' I, getting no way, replied, ''We will go there where we were before we were born.'' That sounds frustrating. Right?

I wrote about 'Many Tribes Hypothesis' in my previous article that concluded there are various tribes of species from microorganisms found in air to the most advanced aliens living in a star very far from us. And we humans are unqualified to explore our universe. Because we are not made for that purpose. It's like a frog in a ditch trying to figure out the shape of the earth. That's really disappointing. Isn't it? Don't worry. Think once  again. Isn't it possible that we are the advanced civilization upper than all since we are exploring the universe?

Today I have brought a new concept, i.e., 'One universe, One intelligent'. Our universe is one of the members of multiverse. Every universe has one intelligent that explores the universe. Since we humans are exploring, we are the intelligent in our world. So we have not found any aliens yet. Neither have they found us. But it's possible we will find species lower than us. Let NASA keep on searching the life beyond the earth. They will find lives but that will not be smarter than us.

It sounds a pure theory. If you think theories are just theories in Science, you need to read more theories.

Einstein said, ''Imagination is greater than knowledge.'' Theory, at first, is an imagination. Scientists prove them mathematically. Later it becomes knowledge.

But mathematics is not the only language of Science. There may be many other languages that speak Science. One of them is Philosophy.

As you say everything is mathematical, I say everything is philosophical. Philosophy is the mirror of Science. So far, we are understating Philosophy with reference to Science. Isn't it possible to explain Science through Philosophy? Huh! Sounds interesting.

Have a look around. People are not good or bad absolutely. Don't they follow the theory of relativity?

Look at the beauty of quantum mechanics. They tell about 'Many Worlds Theory'. Just think for a minute. Every person has a unique story having separate world of himself/herself. And the worlds are infinite.

The concept of 'One Universe, One Intelligent' stands on the base of 'Many Worlds Theory'. Almost all physicists believe on 'Many Worlds Theory'. It solves the oddities of all theories. Perhaps, it will be the 'theory of everything' in future.

Who Created Humans?

Today we have an evergreen topic. God created us or we created God? I have already discussed on this topic in my previous articles. But this time we are here for scientific discussion not philosophical. That’s why I believe this is merely a different article and you are really interested.

I am a theist and always will be. I have created this article especially for agnostics who neither believe nor disbelieve on God. Let’s begin.

Now I want to present the popular God Paradoxes on which atheists do not believe on God. And also I like to advocate from the side of God.

Atheists say that God is not real because if he had existed he would have appeared and removed the confusion and controversy of people regarding his existence.

Now let me answer this question. As all of you know that this universe is running on the basis of laws of nature and this is accepted by all scientists of the world. Who has constituted these laws? Science has no answer and never will have. Because scientists are not ready to accept that Science and God are relative. They never agree that science and God can go in the same line or same path. So they will never know who is behind the scene of our universe. Because it’s not other than the supreme power whom we say God.

Now let me tell you why God is not appearing in our world to prove his existence and you are yet to see God with your physical eyes. We have already accepted the truth that this universe is run by laws of nature or laws of science. The more interesting thing is that these laws are abided even by God himself. What is the process of appearing in our universe? It’s by birth, right? Yes, this is laws of science that anyone who comes to our universe must have come through birth. Then how can God appear in our world without taking birth? Isn’t it violation of laws of science? And if he violated it to prove that he is existed and he appeared, that makes imbalance in many other laws and the universe will be full of chaos which later can’t be controlled by even God. So God never appears by breaking laws how much people shout he is not there. It does not mean that he does not come to the earth. He definitely comes to the earth time to time but by following the laws of nature not compromising the balance of the universe. Remember Ram, Krishna, Buddha and Jesus. They were parts of God and they came here by birth which is the evidence that even God follows the laws of nature. So you can’t even say that you have not seen God. Because humans like you in the past have not only seen but also lived with God like Ram and Jesus. May be God is still around us. We everyday see him. We always talk with him. But we don’t know that he is God. Because we think that God appears not by taking birth but by violating the laws of nature.

The second vast question that atheists and agnostics often ask is that if God is existed why are there things like disasters, sorrows and problems in the world?

Even Einstein says that he does not believe on the God who gives reward and punishment to his creatures. Let me remind you, Einstein was not atheist. He was not even theist. He was agnostic who believed that God is unknown.

Simply I want to remind you the laws of casualty of Physics. We know we can also say it laws of cause and effect. This law says that there must be a cause behind any effect. First cause happens and then there will be its effect. So this law clearly says that even God can’t do anything if there is already cause for disasters, sorrows and problems in the universe. So we people are the reason for anything happening with us. If you are suffering today, that is the effect of the mistake you have done yesterday. Likewise, if flood is taking place, the cause is deforestation by the people in the past. List is still long.......

So the above mentioned proofs are enough to say that God created us and we did not create God.

It has not been longer time we humans have arrived on this earth. Our own universe is still an unsolved puzzle for us. God is very far. He lives in another universe and we have not yet developed the right mathematics that can calculate the existence of God. May be God and the universe where he resides is not even mathematical.

Do Aliens Exist?

‘’Are we alone in our universe?’’ One of my students asked me this question. I funnily replied, ‘’HOW DARE YOU?’’ A loud laughter aired in the class room. But it was not only a simple joke. We have got unlimited space from the host. We don’t even know the boundary of the land where our house stands. Moreover, we are still unknown the space is flat, open or closed. In the other hand, there are millions of heavenly bodies in our galaxy and there are billions of other galaxies in the space. And the most interesting thing is that we are yet to know how many planets are dancing around the sun in our solar system. And we still think that we are the only master mind in the universe though we are yet to know who we are, where we come from and where we are going. Is not it ridiculous? The convincing speculation is that there must be intelligent in other world too because we are here is a proof that life can exist somewhere else. But there are some unavoidable questions in the other hand. Our universe is 13.8 billion years old. We are here for a long time. We are searching aliens in other planets for many years. But we have not found even a pigtail of an alien. Why?



‘’What would you do if you met a ghost on your way?’’ I don’t remember who asked me this question, but I still remember what I answered. I said, ‘’I would be happy and give a treat to the ghost because I would have discovered the life after death.’’ I was not joking. There are three questions which are lapping human minds from ages. Where were we in the past? Where are we now? And where will we be in the future? If you open the pages of Physics to know the answer, you will get the answer like this, ‘’the distinction between past, present and future is illusion.’’ And the answer comes from an authorised source, i.e., Einstein. Yes, according to general theory of relativity of Einstein time is unreal. In the Bhagavad Gita of Hindus, Lord Krishna says to Arjuna, ‘’Never was there a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor all these kings, nor all the future shall any of us cease to be.’’  Wikipedia has mentioned. This means we were in past, are at present and will be in future.

As Earth was a mystery yesterday, universe is a mystery today. The Earth is round. It was a hidden secret in the past. Similar secret about universe is waiting for us which is even basic. What’s that?

People often say life is an illusion. There is a concept in Hinduism called ‘Maya’ which says the universe we feel is illusion. But most of the people may not know there is even an amazing theory existed in Science which speculates that the universe where we are living is fake. It is called simulation reality.

According to this theory, we are not real. Our world is virtual world created by some intelligent beings through simulation possibly by using a very powerful computer. They are doing it for the research of cultural development, medical science, etc. If you have watched sci fi movie like ‘Inception’ or played a game like ‘Call for a Duty’, then you understand this type of simulation vividly.

Scientists say that if we build a very powerful computer that can create history simulation, it is likely that we will also be able to make such simulation world represented by our duplicates where artificial beings made by us will think that they along with their world is real not a part of our computer simulation. They will feel their universe has begun from something like Big Bang like ours.  The notable thing is that the beings that create our virtual reality should not necessarily be real. They also may be in the simulation of other beings stroking keyboard in the computer. Again they are also simulated by others. And it goes up to who created everybody.

The theory of artificial simulation may not be a concrete reality. However this theory cannot be completely avoided. Because its idea of being in the chain of multiple worlds is thinkable. This belief supports a well established theory ‘Many Worlds Theory’ which says that there are parallel universes. Yes, we can say that the tool or system may not be a computer. Rather it may be something another technology more advanced than a computer which has created this real world but not as a virtual. We say it's computer because we know computer. However if it’s the computer which we have built, then hurrah! We are near the secret hidden behind our universe. And may be this generation is going to know how beautiful their universe looks like from outside.

Today physics is heading towards ‘Many Worlds Theory’ which is a right direction. There are multiple universes existing parallel to each other. This is the basic postulates of Quantum Mechanics. It says that particle can be in multiple places at a same time. It means you are reading this article here in this universe. In the same time you may be watching TV in another universe. And you are walking along the street in another universe. Accepting that multivers is real, in my opinion, there are two ways to walk from one universe to another.

First way is travel through spacecraft. But the speed should be faster than light. But it is not even possible. Because the general theory of relativity forbids us to travel faster than light. It says that nothing can travel faster than light. The fasted motion on the earth in the Large Hadron Collider of CERN with the highest speed of 99.99% of the speed of light convinces that Einstein is not going to be proven wrong. So the curiosity ends here.

Another option is break the barrier between two universes. Yes, there is special mechanism between universes which works as a wall between two. What’s that? It’s a turtle but not the one which lives nearby you.

You may have heard the old story that said our world is on a turtle. When they said the earth is on a turtle, they were not joking. Actually they were talking about our universe and black hole not earth and turtle at all. We are inside a black hole because our universe has been coded here.

There arises an obvious question. If the earth is on a turtle, then what is the turtle on? They have given symbolic answer again, ‘’There is turtle all to the down.’’ Hey there, did you understand what they said? They just talked about multiple universes.

They actually meant to say that a universe is inside a black hole of its mother universe and a baby universe also has black hole with another baby universe inside it. And that universe also has another black hole with another universe. And it’s all to the down.

Besides, they have clearly mentioned a hollow in the story which is not other than black hole they are giving hint about. But who are they? How do they know about black hole in earlier than 17th century whereas black hole was discovered in 19th century? They are amazing. I am their big fan now, aren’t you? Moreover, as they illustrated a flat earth on a turtle, it makes sense to believe that our universe is flat in shape.

So now we may believe that we are in the core of a massive black hole and beyond the black hole there is another universe. And for the beings living in that universe we are in a white whole. And so are they.

Based on the Carton theory of Einstein, World renowned physicist Nikodem Poplawski says when a black hole forms upon the collapse of a dying star, a universe is born at the same time from the white hole on the other side of the wormhole. For this discovery, Nikodem Poplwski has been enlisted in the list of top 5 scientists of the world with the possibility to be another Einstein by National Geographic Magazine.

White hole is the hypothetical region of spacetime where matter and light can escape from it but it cannot be entered from the outside. It’s the reversal of black hole or time. In a black hole matter and light can checks in but can’t escape because the escape velocity is faster than light there. According to a reliable source white holes are expected to have gravity. So they attract objects, but anything on a collision course with a white hole would never reach it.

In this way black hole and white hole are the mouths of wormhole. As there is black hole between universes neither we nor our messages can reach there. Even our light can’t be detected. As the wall is unbreakable you can never meet living beings in another universe. Neither can they communicate with us. It’s impossible to cross the event horizon of the black hole to reach the other side. Neither is it possible to reach the event horizon of a white hole.

As atom represents the pattern of our solar system {electrons orbits around the nucleus without falling on it}, there must be something which represents the pattern of the whole universe. What’s that? We should find out what that is. Let’s assume, that is our earth itself.

Assume that our earth is a universe. Now those 8 planets are other universes. Now there are many planets in this universe. For instance, there is sea where different species live. There is forest where many animals live. There is life even in the air. And we humans are also here. For a creature in the sea, the universe is only within sea boundary. For an animal of forest, the space is only the forest. For the species of the air, life is only there.  These species can never explore how and how big their universe is and they don’t even know we humans exist quietly among them.

Same happens with us. We think the universe is all what we know. But it is not. We think we are the most intelligent beings in this universe but we are not. Since we have not created this universe it is likely to say that we are not the master mind here. There are multiple civilisations in our own universe which are ranked according to their advancement. As we know that there are some galaxies which are billions of years older than us, there is definitely another civilisation more advanced than us and there may be even another civilisation more advanced than that one. The story does not end here. This rank goes up to the greatest civilisation living across our universe that has created all of us. Hinduism describes millions of gods and goddess and they are believed to be more than worshippers in numbers.

This may be a wild theory but it may be a reality too. I call this theory ‘’Many Tribes Hypothesis’’. According to this theory it is clear that there is advanced society better than us in technology and knowledge. They are in thousands of stars of Milky Way and other galaxies. We are not able to contact them because our technology is not matured to reach up to them. They are so far from us. But they can contact us because they are more advanced than us. However they have never communicated with us. Why?

Scientists say that they do not contact us because they do not think we are important. For instance, as we are human civilisation more advanced than other species on the earth, we do not communicate with other species to share our knowledge with them.

Another reason we can say that they are living among us but we don't know their presence. It’s because we do not have natural sense or artificial technology to detect them. For instance, we are humans more civilised than ants but they may not realise we are present here watching them every moment. Because they lack natural sense and artificial technology to detect our presence.

We know the plants of the Sahara desert can not survive in Atlas Mountains. The animals of the water can not survive on the land. We can’t survive on the summit of  Mt. Everest or in the Pacific ocean without oxygen. Neither can we reside in Antarctica permanently. However we sometimes go there for research. It happens with aliens too. The difference in gravity, distance from the sun, climate, etc in their planet may have made them different in shape, weight and adaptability. As a result they may not survive in our world. So they don’t live with us permanently. But they may come to our world for research purpose. This may be the reason some reputed personalities had seen UFOs on the earth.

There is no doubt we are not alone in our universe. There are different tribes of aliens which are living quietly with us. But our sense and technology are too little to detect their existence. Perhaps it’s impossible for us to contact with them. However, there is a way we can contact with them. We should make them contact with us. And we can do it by two ways. We should either convince them that we are important for them or make them feel that we are a threat to them. But I am sorry dear, it may not work. Because it’s similar to the penguins of Antarctica trying to convince NASA scientists that they are very important for humans and they are giving a big threat to the humankind.