The concept of Rebirth feels a pure science fiction but it might be a science fact too. Because a number of rebirth cases are still not explainable without the acknowledgement of its existence. Is rebirth possible?

The answer is both YES and NO. NO because it is not proved scientifically. YES because it is not even disproved. However voting for YES is more convincing.

Some scientists have begun to believe that consciousness travels through a different dimension after the death of the person hosting it. It can be?

In my opinion, Consciousness has chances to travel through a distinct dimension of the parallel universe. In that case, it will have gone through a black hole and taken rebirth in another universe. Since it passes through the black hole, it loses all information and can not recall its past. But sometimes the consciousness is born in the same universe and so it can remember its past life.

Interested? Feel excited to apply your mathematics. Let me know what it says.