What gets me started
I am fond of studies of mythology and was simply searching about the upcoming Kalki avatar on the internet, where we can see so many Kalki avatars are already present. So many videos where so many people called themselves as Kalki avatar with showing proof of prophecy of great astrologer Nostradamus. Some looking match, some fake. Among the all there is one letter catch my eye on it, where no proof of prophecy given by the person, but if we want to tally all prophecy get tallied completely and shockingly.
I had to research more for this person, please read my following findings.

Kalki Avatar- human being
In ancient era there were human beings with super powers, persons called ASUR was also having MayaviShakti, that time when Lord Vishnu had to take avatar with super natural powers to destroy these. We are still looking for a god with a same aspect. But in Kaliyuga even humans don’t have fit body or don’t have normal physical capacity to manage their daily tasks, why God will come with super natural powers? Lords never show us these powers unless it is necessary to show them.So finally the Kalki avatar must be a common man.

Location of Kalki Avatar

As a common man he can be found in small town. Nostradamus gave a clue for his location.

-          The land where three sea meet and where Thursday is holy day = India




-          The land where five rivers to one = There is a temple in Satara district for where 5 rivers coming to one = Panchaganga temple.


In prophecy Nostradamus mentioned his name as “ChyrenSelin” which is extremely similar to “ShriramKalki”


Second clue is “With a name so wild will he be brought forth” – conclude that the surname must be something forest related name “Bankar” is clearly related to forest. “Ban” = Forest.So finally above name get proved as “ShriramBankar”.

New Knowledge

It is somewhere mentioned by Nostradamus that the Chyren will give a something extremely new knowledge to world. We can find on internet.In above mail screen we can find a worldwide approach of MrShriramBankar, clearly. Noone else yet dared to gave such guidelines yet to the world.

Long awaited
Above letter I got from him and it is proved that the person who waited long time as same again as prophecy of Nostradamus.





Family members

On the internet we can see its proved by some other that his mother will be found as widow. MrShriramBankar’s mother is also found widow.

Another line of Nostradamus catching my eye is “And with the sole title of Victor will he be quite satisfied”. This line indicates another family member called “MrAjitkumarBankar”, who is elder brother of ShriramKalki. I can assume this as soul tile of victor.

Age proof

Again on the internet we can see that predicted age of this person must be in between 50 to 60.

The person above mentioned his birthdate in his mail 4-4-1967, by which we can count his age as 51 now.


Even if we study more on the proofs and prophecy given by the Nostradamus,  we can found the clue of person more as Medium height, medium form, middle aged, dark coloured, who born mostly in South India (I repeat South India, not in Punjab). The person who will give ONE RELIGON and ONE LANGUAGE to whole world.The person who gave a new knowledge and NEW CONSTITUTION.By this there will be no unemploymment, no poverty in the world.
I have met him, he is commerce college teacher, lord in a complete human form. No miracles no magic, NISHKALANKA AVATAR and LAST avatar of Bhagwan Vishnu.

He was expecting that the saints, the Yati’s, high educated, scholers will recognize him, but that never happened since last 32 years. So, the responsibility came upon my shoulders to give his identity to world through media.

I may wrong somewhere to decode the prophecy clues, but I request scholers or reporters to investigate more to him. And want to say that he is expecting our praise to him, just to call a God as “Jay KalkiShriram”. So he can give us direction again to start a Satyug.

I request to our honorable President to arrange a meeting with him as a Royal (even royal also the limited word for him) person, give him respect as Guru who came for establish humanity and just to guide people.