You are running according to different time in your daily life. But is that the real time of your place you are going through? In context of Nepal the time difference from Mechi to Mahakali is nearly 32 minutes. The time of Nepal is determined according to the time of Gauri Shankar Himal. The time which you follow may not be real wherever you are staying. So, today I am going to present a practical way to find out the local time of any particular place.

First of all, let me remind you that it's obviously noon {12 o'clock at day} when the shadow formed by the sun is perpendicular to any of the object located in a particular area. It means we can keep any object in a place where we want to measure the local time. The straight line should be drawn facing ahead towards the sun. Let's name this straight line as mean line. The object through which we are going to calculate time should be pointed at its upwards and the top point should be the centre of that object. A regular shaped cone is recommended. The object should be kept perpendicular {at 90 degree} to that mean line. When the shadow produced from that object is perpendicular to the straight  line, it's 12 o'clock in that mean line. Just draw a straight line perpendicular to that mean line before keeping an object.

You can know your local time at your home or any other place after completion of this process. Now set your clock at 12 o'clock and the time goes running as the local time of your place. You can also calculate the time difference of your local time from the standard time of your country and you can find out your local time whenever you want by adding or subtracting the time difference you have obtained. Do it carefully because if shadow is misplaced by 1 degree, then there will be difference of 8 minutes. Happy experiment! Good night!
Discovered by Kapil Sharma