I recently got a mysterious letter from an unknown source which reads like this: 
           The  Editor,
I   borne   in  India, state- Maharashtra,  Dist- Satara.  My
birthdate   is   04/04/1967. I am waiting here to identify
 me  as    Kalki.
                                        I am going to give a
new constitution for a  whole world. Alternative
economic model for capitalism and communism is ready
name   of   model  is- “ MONEY’S PLACE IN WORLD MARKET   “
Its features are  - 1] One govt. for a whole
world. 2] Borderless   world. 
  Don’t waste my time. Already 49 years of my life
  are wasted. Each and every moment is important to
               Later on I cannot do my work.Time
is very precious. 
                        Publish this letters in news papers
 and in news channels.
                     { Original , Real KALKI AVATAR }''
Below is the screenshot of the email sent by him.

Discovered by Don Prince