I agree with you if you think that the defined title of this blog seems to be very cool. Really, what happened to the aftershocks of Nepal? The question itself answers that Nepal has not experiencing aftershocks for a long time.

The concern of earthquake has recently overshadowed in Nepal due to the ongoing political hot issues, i.e., promulgation of constitution through constituent assembly, movement in terai, undeclared blockade by neighbouring country and formation of the new government.  However, aftershocks have tried to drag the attention of people time to time. See the screenshot below:

The record shown on the screenshot above says that the aftershocks are still going on but they have decreased exponentially from the month of September. According to this data the general gap between two aftershocks is around one week. This gap is in the process of increasing ahead. In the coming months aftershocks are expected to appear only after a long gap and also in a few numbers. However, it is estimated that aftershocks take more months to stop completely. Because last two aftershocks were 4.6 and 4.5 magnitudes which are still big in size.
Discovered by Don Prince