People believe natural calamities are unpredictable. But there are always some people in another side who believe that nothing is impossible. What do they say about the possibility of an earthquake predicting machine?  They obviously say YES IT IS POSSIBLE.

There are many reasons we can believe that the world will have an earthquake predicting machine one day. Have a look at some strong reasons:

1. Nothing is impossible
I have already mentioned above that nothing is impossible in this world. Yesterday flying in an aeroplane was impossible. But today it is possible. Similarly, people of today think earthquake predicting machine is impossible. But it will definitely be simple thing in future.

2. Long term prediction is acceptable
All most all earthquake scientists including USGS researchers believe that long term prediction is possible and they are doing it correctly in most of the situations. So if long term prediction is possible, why is not short term prediction possible? And that short term prediction is the key to the earthquake predicting machine.

3. Aftershocks are predictable
Even the people who do not believe on the prediction of earthquake believe on the prediction of aftershocks. USGS also forecasts aftershocks. So it gives a hope that if aftershocks are predictable, we cannot reject the fact that mainshock {earthquake} also may be predictable.

4. Foreshocks are predictable
Foreshocks are the smaller earthquakes that appear before the mainshock. There are some examples where mainshock has been predicted with the foreshocks. So it gives a chance of earthquake predicting machine.

5. Earthquake takes place according to the laws of science
Everything which runs according to the laws of science is predictable. And it is simple to believe that earthquake is not beyond the laws of science.

The common point people often say earthquake prediction is not possible is that every earthquake is a different event. But this is oddity not impossibility. It says that one single machine to predict all different types of earthquakes is not possible. But there is a chance in another hand that earthquake machine can be made differently according to the types of earthquake. It means separate earthquake machines can be built to predict earthquakes of particular areas with particular features.
Discovery by Don Prince