10 English Words That You often Use are Completely Wrong

English is an international language. Having well knowledge of English language is plus point for your personality. But you may sometimes be a subject of laughter among people when you use some of the English words and phrases mistakenly. I have caught 10 mistakenly used English words in my surrounding.

Wrong words
1. He is sport in playing chess.
2. Will you please show me your bill book?
3. Today I will buy a paint.
4. I ate dunot in the morning.
5. I like to eat bom with tea.
6. You should wear mukhlar.
7. The wifer of my vehicle is not working.
8. He is the most lucky person of this group.
9. Please buy a choco pun for the child.

10. He has written a satter on her.
Correct words
1. He is expert in playing chess.
2. Will you please show me your blue book?
3. Today I will buy pants.
4. I ate doughnut in the morning.
5. I like to eat bun with tea.
6. You should wear muffler.
7. The wiper of my vehicle is not working.
8. He is the luckiest person of this group.
9. Please buy a choco fun for the child.
10. He has written a satire on her.

Do you also find such mistakes around you? If you do, comment below. Your few words will prevent some people to be fun in the intellectual crowd.
Discovered by Don Prince

7 Cool Facts about Inventions and Discoveries

Today I am sharing my views about some facts about inventions and discoveries. I have noticed 7 very cool facts about inventions and discoveries during my research on various topics.

1. There are many ways to invent the same thing.
Inventions have different versions. Just think in how many ways electricity can be generated today. Just remember how many different ways scientists are talking to invent time travel. These things prove that inventions can be done differently.

2. Invention happens in right time, not before the time.
Invention does not happen before the time. That’s why humans might have got only 100 years age. It’s because if humans have much time, they can invent much more things before the time. It would disturb the balance in the universe maintained by nature.

3. Invention happens when scientists see anything around with new prospective
Most of the inventions are just a common sense. Inventors see same thing differently than any common man. Law of Gravitation, General Theory of Relativity, Special Theory of Relativity, etc are the results of the different views on the same thing visible to everyone.

4. Inventors are the greatest people on the earth.
All people have equal role in this world. However I think inventors and discoverers are the greatest. Just think what would have happened if Thomus Elba Edision had not invented electric bulb; Rights brothers had not invented aeroplane and Charles Babbage had not invented Computer? We cannot imagine a prosperous civilization without inventors and discoverers in this world. So inventors and discoverers are really greatest people on the earth.

5. Invention can be done in two ways, theoretically and practically.
Everything in our universe is mathematical. So invention can be done either theoretically {mathematically} or practically. The thing {higgs boson or god particle} which Peter Higgs had discovered by his mathematical calculation years ago was practically proven in 2013 A.D. The equation which Einstein developed was related to the atom bomb. So there are two types of scientists, i.e., theoretical and practical scientists.

6. There is oddity not impossibility in Science
Nothing is impossible in Science. Yesterday, television, computer, electricity, atom bomb, telephone, etc were impossible. Tomorrow time travel, invisibility, immortality, etc will be possible.

7. All inventions are discoveries.
The universe is full of secrets. There are uncountable mysteries. Invention is the search of those mysteries. So, all inventions are discoveries.
Discovered by Don Prince

Is It Possible to Build an Earthquake Predicting Machine?

People believe natural calamities are unpredictable. But there are always some people in another side who believe that nothing is impossible. What do they say about the possibility of an earthquake predicting machine?  They obviously say YES IT IS POSSIBLE.

There are many reasons we can believe that the world will have an earthquake predicting machine one day. Have a look at some strong reasons:

1. Nothing is impossible
I have already mentioned above that nothing is impossible in this world. Yesterday flying in an aeroplane was impossible. But today it is possible. Similarly, people of today think earthquake predicting machine is impossible. But it will definitely be simple thing in future.

2. Long term prediction is acceptable
All most all earthquake scientists including USGS researchers believe that long term prediction is possible and they are doing it correctly in most of the situations. So if long term prediction is possible, why is not short term prediction possible? And that short term prediction is the key to the earthquake predicting machine.

3. Aftershocks are predictable
Even the people who do not believe on the prediction of earthquake believe on the prediction of aftershocks. USGS also forecasts aftershocks. So it gives a hope that if aftershocks are predictable, we cannot reject the fact that mainshock {earthquake} also may be predictable.

4. Foreshocks are predictable
Foreshocks are the smaller earthquakes that appear before the mainshock. There are some examples where mainshock has been predicted with the foreshocks. So it gives a chance of earthquake predicting machine.

5. Earthquake takes place according to the laws of science
Everything which runs according to the laws of science is predictable. And it is simple to believe that earthquake is not beyond the laws of science.

The common point people often say earthquake prediction is not possible is that every earthquake is a different event. But this is oddity not impossibility. It says that one single machine to predict all different types of earthquakes is not possible. But there is a chance in another hand that earthquake machine can be made differently according to the types of earthquake. It means separate earthquake machines can be built to predict earthquakes of particular areas with particular features.
Discovery by Don Prince

What Happened to the Aftershocks of Nepal?

I agree with you if you think that the defined title of this blog seems to be very cool. Really, what happened to the aftershocks of Nepal? The question itself answers that Nepal has not experiencing aftershocks for a long time.

The concern of earthquake has recently overshadowed in Nepal due to the ongoing political hot issues, i.e., promulgation of constitution through constituent assembly, movement in terai, undeclared blockade by neighbouring country and formation of the new government.  However, aftershocks have tried to drag the attention of people time to time. See the screenshot below:

The record shown on the screenshot above says that the aftershocks are still going on but they have decreased exponentially from the month of September. According to this data the general gap between two aftershocks is around one week. This gap is in the process of increasing ahead. In the coming months aftershocks are expected to appear only after a long gap and also in a few numbers. However, it is estimated that aftershocks take more months to stop completely. Because last two aftershocks were 4.6 and 4.5 magnitudes which are still big in size.
Discovered by Don Prince