An initiative research has shown that the white tiger, one of the extinct species of the world might have existed in the forest of terai region of Nepal. The extinct animal may be scientifically documented if the research is done by fixing the CCTV cameras in the forest of Nepal.

The modern history of Nepal theoretically records that Jung Bahadur Rana, the first prime minister of Ranarchy had seen the white tiger while his hunting time in Rautahat district of Nepal. But the then uneducated society had taken this incidence as the effect of ageing on Jung Bahadur Rana.

One of the most famous novels titled ‘Seto Bagh’ notably represents the incidence of Jung Bahadur’s sight on white tiger. The title of the novel has been defined after this animal. The novel was written by Diamond Shumsher who was an established writer of Nepal.

Mr. Diamond Shumsher is known for his creation in historical stories. He especially tells the story of Rana family. He himself was from Rana family. And it is said that he was disliked in his family for writing about them. Recently the ‘Seto Bagh’ novel has been filmed in Kollywood which has got huge audience in theatres.

White tiger is still taken as a hoax in Nepal. Few people know white tiger is not a character of illusion and stories only. The white tiger actually exists on the earth. Particularly they are from India. May be they are found in Nepal too. Jung Bahadur’s encounter of white tiger is a hint.
Discovered by Don Prince