Does God exist or not? This is one of the most frequently asked questions in human history. As majority of the people in the world believe on the arguments of scientists, I have collected the concepts of different scientists.

Stephen Hawking: Hawking has declared himself as an atheist. However he believes that the universe is governed by the laws of science. Those laws might have been made by God. But God does not intervene the laws made by him.

Albert Einstein: Einstein was neither atheist nor theist. He called himself agnostic which means the one who thinks that the existence of God is unknown. He neither believes nor disbelieves on God as God is still unknown.

Isaac Newton: Newton believed that he was one of the men chosen by God to explain the secret of Bible about the end of the world. He believed that there is no doubt, hand of God to create the universe.

Peter Higgs: Peter Higgs who got novel prize on Physics in 2013 for the discovery of Higgs Boson {God Particle} is an atheist. So he is displeased for Higgs Boson is nicknamed God Particle.

In this way we can find scientists divided into three groups regarding the belief of God. They are theist, atheist and agnostic.
Discovered by Don Prince