Last week, when I checked the 'search keywords'' in my blog's dashboard, I found that it is full of the searches about Aditya Dahal, the google boy of Nepal. And the reason was that he had predicted that there would be notable change in Nepal within a month. He was leaving Nepal at that time. He was going to the USA for the treatment of his illness. While he was leaving, he couldn't stop himself from crying.

Google is still sending people into my blog to satisfy people's queries regarding the earthquake prediction made by the google boy, though the blog does not give direct answer about it. Now I have decided to answer it directly. As a result I am creating this post.

Media and people gave special attention for the story. As fear of earthquake was still on the mind of common people, they connected the prediction of Aditya Dahal with earthquake. They believed that he had predicted another devastating earthquake in Nepal that could hit within a month. When they saw the recent photo of Aditya Dahal from the moment he was leaving Nepal, they misunderstood that he was crying because Nepal is facing a big problem of another earthquake in near future. Now, standing on the misconception, people in the society are ridiculously talking that Nepal will invite another big earthquake in upcoming Bhadra month.

But the reality is different. Mr. Aditya Dahal has never ever predicted about earthquake. In this time, he has actually indicated the political situation. As Nepal is going to formulate new constitution within a month and it is going to adopt federal system, he has said it a notable change in the country. Likewise, he had cried not because earthquake is going to rock Nepal but because he was leaving Nepal for the first time.
Discovered by Don Prince