Fear of God

GOD, a word even an atheist takes when he or she is afraid.  But there is a community in Nepal which is getting scared with God from the time unrecorded. Those people live at Ruza village of Rawatkot in Dailekh district.

There are about 37 houses in the small area of Ruza village. This village is one of the inaccessible places of Nepal. This small area is so congested that there is no place remained even for making a toilet. However, people do not migrate from here. Because they think that if they migrate, their God will get angry with them.  The village dwellers are the follower of Masto God from the time immemorial. They worship Masto God in Dashain and Tihar notably. Mr. Prakash Adhikari writes in Kantipur Daily.
Discovered by Don Prince

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