We have recently discovered an overshadowed fact about ‘’Nepal Earthquake 2015’’ which is backed by religion. This is related to the Bhimeshawar Temple, one of the most popular and sacred religious destination in Dolakha district of Nepal.

Dolakha Bhimsen Temple is famous for many spiritual specialities. The most amazing thing is that the idol of Bhimsen God sometimes sweats. The traditional belief says that something bad happens in the country in the year the idol sweats. Notably, the idol had sweated just some months before the devastating earthquake stroke Nepal in this year.

Mrs Parbati Raut, one of the inhabitants of Dolakha says to National Discovery Channel, ‘’This time, sweat rolled down from the head of the idol. So everybody was confused whether it was a good sign or a bad sign for the country. There was local belief that the effect will be seen within 6 months. And the earthquake hit Nepal before the deadline.’’ In the past it has been recorded that if sweat rolls on the right side, bad will happen and if it rolls on the left, fortune will follow.

Many major events had been recorded  in the past after Bhimsen idol sweats. Another notable thing is that it happened even before the terrible earthquake of 1990 BS.

After sweating, there is a tradition in which the head of the state sends special offering with cash at the temple. In the other hand the temple areas will be flooded with the devotees believing that Bhimeshawar fulfils their wish during sweating.

Dolakha Bhimeshawar has been highlighted by different national and international media time to time. Kantipur daily of Nepal had published special report on the sweating events. In 2013, our guest discoverers Mr. Binod Basnet and Mr. Sirish Khadka had made a report  on Bhimeshawar.

We are not saying sweating event of Bhimeshore is the cause of earthquake. People of Dolakha says that Bhimsen God tries to warn people about the bad event of future by sweating. We want to draw attention of everyone that each and every aspect including religious aspect should be considered while studying the possibility of earthquake in Nepal.
Discovered by Don Prince and Prem Darshan