Day before yesterday I said in ''Prince's Law of Aftershock: the Biggest Secret of Aftershock Revealed'' that a strong aftershock of 4.8 M is going to strike. Yesterday exactly 4.8 M hit Dolakha district of Nepal. I was not surprised while I was listening news about this aftershock in today's morning. But I have not even thought it will happen so quickly.

As all of my calculations matched in the past, now I can surly say to myself that the severely affected earthquake zones like Kathmandu, Dolakha, Sindhupalchowk, Dhading, Nuwakot, etc. are now completely safe provided that there won't be another independent earthquake out of this rupture zone. Moreover, this quickly occurred 4.8 M aftershock has given a sign that the aftershocks are settling very fast. Otherwise I was expecting this aftershock at least after 10 days. However the aftershocks may still last up to next 6 months. But after some months, when aftershocks magnitude will be less than 4 M, it is hard to feel that aftershocks are still going on. Only the scientists and technicians who are measuring earthquake will know it.

'' So then the upcoming strongest aftershock is 4.7 M as you said it is decreasing with the rate of 0.1 M in your article.'' Today someone asked me this question. I said, '' No, we can not say like that. There is certain law but that goes differently. To know what will happen in future, we have to wait till another biggest aftershock {that may not be more than 4.8} hits. I guess next biggest one is 4.7 M because I think this pattern will continue till it declines up to 4 M. But I can definitely say the aftershock will come very soon.

As you know that after the strongest shock, another shock about 1 M less will hit exactly after 24 hours, it can be said that an aftershock with about 3.8 will hit in around 12 o'clock night today. Moreover it is sure that more aftershocks will be experienced for some days.

Today in the afternoon, while I was writing this post an aftershock with 3.8 hit Kathmandu which has made me doubtful. If it is the aftershock which I am expecting in around 12 o'clock at night today, I can say that now the aftershock  has taken another turn. And it is not a negative sign.
Discovered by Don Prince