Bhimeshawar Had Already Warned People about Earthquake

We have recently discovered an overshadowed fact about ‘’Nepal Earthquake 2015’’ which is backed by religion. This is related to the Bhimeshawar Temple, one of the most popular and sacred religious destination in Dolakha district of Nepal.

Dolakha Bhimsen Temple is famous for many spiritual specialities. The most amazing thing is that the idol of Bhimsen God sometimes sweats. The traditional belief says that something bad happens in the country in the year the idol sweats. Notably, the idol had sweated just some months before the devastating earthquake stroke Nepal in this year.

Mrs Parbati Raut, one of the inhabitants of Dolakha says to National Discovery Channel, ‘’This time, sweat rolled down from the head of the idol. So everybody was confused whether it was a good sign or a bad sign for the country. There was local belief that the effect will be seen within 6 months. And the earthquake hit Nepal before the deadline.’’ In the past it has been recorded that if sweat rolls on the right side, bad will happen and if it rolls on the left, fortune will follow.

Many major events had been recorded  in the past after Bhimsen idol sweats. Another notable thing is that it happened even before the terrible earthquake of 1990 BS.

After sweating, there is a tradition in which the head of the state sends special offering with cash at the temple. In the other hand the temple areas will be flooded with the devotees believing that Bhimeshawar fulfils their wish during sweating.

Dolakha Bhimeshawar has been highlighted by different national and international media time to time. Kantipur daily of Nepal had published special report on the sweating events. In 2013, our guest discoverers Mr. Binod Basnet and Mr. Sirish Khadka had made a report  on Bhimeshawar.

We are not saying sweating event of Bhimeshore is the cause of earthquake. People of Dolakha says that Bhimsen God tries to warn people about the bad event of future by sweating. We want to draw attention of everyone that each and every aspect including religious aspect should be considered while studying the possibility of earthquake in Nepal.
Discovered by Don Prince and Prem Darshan

Aftershocks are Settling Exponentially We are Completely Safe

Day before yesterday I said in ''Prince's Law of Aftershock: the Biggest Secret of Aftershock Revealed'' that a strong aftershock of 4.8 M is going to strike. Yesterday exactly 4.8 M hit Dolakha district of Nepal. I was not surprised while I was listening news about this aftershock in today's morning. But I have not even thought it will happen so quickly.

As all of my calculations matched in the past, now I can surly say to myself that the severely affected earthquake zones like Kathmandu, Dolakha, Sindhupalchowk, Dhading, Nuwakot, etc. are now completely safe provided that there won't be another independent earthquake out of this rupture zone. Moreover, this quickly occurred 4.8 M aftershock has given a sign that the aftershocks are settling very fast. Otherwise I was expecting this aftershock at least after 10 days. However the aftershocks may still last up to next 6 months. But after some months, when aftershocks magnitude will be less than 4 M, it is hard to feel that aftershocks are still going on. Only the scientists and technicians who are measuring earthquake will know it.

'' So then the upcoming strongest aftershock is 4.7 M as you said it is decreasing with the rate of 0.1 M in your article.'' Today someone asked me this question. I said, '' No, we can not say like that. There is certain law but that goes differently. To know what will happen in future, we have to wait till another biggest aftershock {that may not be more than 4.8} hits. I guess next biggest one is 4.7 M because I think this pattern will continue till it declines up to 4 M. But I can definitely say the aftershock will come very soon.

As you know that after the strongest shock, another shock about 1 M less will hit exactly after 24 hours, it can be said that an aftershock with about 3.8 will hit in around 12 o'clock night today. Moreover it is sure that more aftershocks will be experienced for some days.

Today in the afternoon, while I was writing this post an aftershock with 3.8 hit Kathmandu which has made me doubtful. If it is the aftershock which I am expecting in around 12 o'clock at night today, I can say that now the aftershock  has taken another turn. And it is not a negative sign.
Discovered by Don Prince

Prince's Law of Aftershock: the Biggest Secret of Earthquake Revealed

On 24 July 2015, I, through an article titled ‘Earthquake Alert Message by Don Prince’, tried to aware people that an aftershock with 4.9 M would strike in near future. On 10 August, exactly 4.9 M originated making Gorkha as epicentre. It’s a matter of dismay that some people were injured while running here and there nervously. More badly, someone died due to this aftershock as it destroyed the house where he was living.

Question may arise here how do I know this aftershock was going to hit? Though April 25 became a curse for Nepal, the positive aspect of this earthquake is that it might have revealed the secret of aftershocks in the world. If it is proven to be true, no harm on humans will be caused due to aftershock like May 12 in future. Ultimately, the fear of earthquake will be an old age history on the earth. Because I believe that if aftershocks are predictable, Earthquake is not beyond this rule. Because aftershock and earthquake are same. And it is well known to all that even USGS believes aftershocks are predictable.

After experiencing April 25 earthquake and its all aftershocks on the spot, I have discovered that aftershocks are uncertain but they are not random. They run in a kind of special law. And I am sorry, I have named it after my name, i.e. ‘’Prince’s Law of Aftershock’’. For the first time, as an experiment, I had predicted 5.8 M aftershock on 27 May 2015 through this law which came true on 11 June 2015. Have a glance on the screenshot below where one of the readers of National Discovery has notified that the prediction has come true.

You may ask what is next then. Is Nepal still vulnerable to strongest aftershock like May 12? The answer sounds very cool. Now the upcoming strongest aftershock is 4.8 and there won’t be any aftershock greater than it in this sequence. Ok, but how?

‘’Prince’s Law of Aftershock’’ says, ‘’When a big earthquake more than 7 M takes place, aftershocks begin. These aftershocks are always led by strongest shock. Gradually the magnitude of the strongest aftershock decreases.  While changing rate of decrement, it follows special rule. Now the strongest aftershock is decreasing with 0.1 magnitudes.’’

If you analyse the aftershocks recorded by National Seismological Centre, you will definitely have a clear idea about it.

But how to recognize the strongest aftershocks? They appear after an interval time usually after a gap of aftershocks. Moreover it may follow the universal law of earthquake, so when the strongest aftershock hits, it may trigger another shock after 24 hours which will be about 1 M less. After the strongest aftershock, the numbers of aftershocks will increase for some days.

The evidence for this 4.9 M of 10 August was the strongest aftershock with its aftershocks sequences is that on 11 August 3.7 M hit that happened exactly after 24 hours and it was about 1 M less than the previous strongest shock of 4.9.

Actually I am planning to release this ''Prince's Law of Aftershock'' with its formula and statistics after three months. But the 4.9 aftershock of 10 August forced me to publish it right now at least partially. on 11 August at 10:42 am, an aftershock hit Kathmandu. The magnitude was only 4.3. However it terrorized people because epicentre was in the local area. Though some aftershocks around 4.3 M was frequently taking place in other areas of Nepal, people became nervous in Kathmandu and even schools and shops were closed. In the other hand, aftershocks are seen again active in Nepal. So people have been confused and frustrated. But it is normal. As I mentioned above aftershocks increase again because of the strongest aftershock which will decrease exponentially. So there is nothing to worry about.

You are reading this finding freely because I have created it for the people like you. Now it’s your responsibility to let other people know the reality so that they come out of the earthquake trauma and save themselves during aftershock. You can do it by sharing this article with as many friends and relatives as you can.
Have a safe life journey!
Discovered by Don Prince

What Actually Google Boy of Nepal Said about Earthquake

Last week, when I checked the 'search keywords'' in my blog's dashboard, I found that it is full of the searches about Aditya Dahal, the google boy of Nepal. And the reason was that he had predicted that there would be notable change in Nepal within a month. He was leaving Nepal at that time. He was going to the USA for the treatment of his illness. While he was leaving, he couldn't stop himself from crying.

Google is still sending people into my blog to satisfy people's queries regarding the earthquake prediction made by the google boy, though the blog does not give direct answer about it. Now I have decided to answer it directly. As a result I am creating this post.

Media and people gave special attention for the story. As fear of earthquake was still on the mind of common people, they connected the prediction of Aditya Dahal with earthquake. They believed that he had predicted another devastating earthquake in Nepal that could hit within a month. When they saw the recent photo of Aditya Dahal from the moment he was leaving Nepal, they misunderstood that he was crying because Nepal is facing a big problem of another earthquake in near future. Now, standing on the misconception, people in the society are ridiculously talking that Nepal will invite another big earthquake in upcoming Bhadra month.

But the reality is different. Mr. Aditya Dahal has never ever predicted about earthquake. In this time, he has actually indicated the political situation. As Nepal is going to formulate new constitution within a month and it is going to adopt federal system, he has said it a notable change in the country. Likewise, he had cried not because earthquake is going to rock Nepal but because he was leaving Nepal for the first time.
Discovered by Don Prince

Amazing Health Problem Appeared in School

Manila Gurung {name changed} was a normal child studying in a school of Patanabhanjyang, Udaypur of Nepal. She was quite healthy mentally and physically. But one day she got senseless suddenly. Next day another student passed through the same situation after experiencing sudden headache and vomiting. Then within a week the unknown disease caught more than 10 students in the school.

As the event had been encountered in an educational zone, students were tried to be treated through a doctor but in a primary health centre. But when situation was not controlled, everyone took asylum with a witch doctor. However, they did not get relief.

This type of health problem is called Mass Hysteria in Psychology. It is also called group hysteria or collective hysteria. If the patients are treated by the specialist, it can be easily cured.
Rediscovered by Don Prince

Polygame Causes Heart Disease

The recently done survey says that the person having up to 4 wives has 5 times more chance of heart disease.

According to the survey the man with many wives has tension of economy. They are busy. They are stressed socially and psychologically. So they may have heart disease.
Discovered by Don Prince

Regular Exercise Increases Life Span

Minimum 150 minutes exercise in a week can not only make people healthy but also increase their life span. A survey has shown.

The researchers of National Cancer Institute of Harvard University had done survey in 6 lakh 61 thousand people. They conclude that exercise is useful to cure disease. It decreases untimely death.
Rediscovered by Don Prince

Television Causes Diabetes

Do you watch TV regularly? If yes, here is a bad news for you. A research has shown that watching TV for one hour every day can increase the chance of diabetes.

The research says that watching TV everyday increases the chance of diabetes by 3.4%. The research had been done by the scientists among 3,234 people who were under 25 years old.
Discovered by Don Prince

Red Panda Was Found in Nepal

Extinct red pandas have been found in Jajarkot district of Nepal. Two red pandas had been isolated from the group which was returned to the jungle by the district forest office.

Red panda is an amazing animal. It is a straight animal which does not run away from people. Kantipur reports that dozens of red pandas have been hunted in the area.
Discovered by Don Prince

What Scientists Say about Existence of God?

Does God exist or not? This is one of the most frequently asked questions in human history. As majority of the people in the world believe on the arguments of scientists, I have collected the concepts of different scientists.

Stephen Hawking: Hawking has declared himself as an atheist. However he believes that the universe is governed by the laws of science. Those laws might have been made by God. But God does not intervene the laws made by him.

Albert Einstein: Einstein was neither atheist nor theist. He called himself agnostic which means the one who thinks that the existence of God is unknown. He neither believes nor disbelieves on God as God is still unknown.

Isaac Newton: Newton believed that he was one of the men chosen by God to explain the secret of Bible about the end of the world. He believed that there is no doubt, hand of God to create the universe.

Peter Higgs: Peter Higgs who got novel prize on Physics in 2013 for the discovery of Higgs Boson {God Particle} is an atheist. So he is displeased for Higgs Boson is nicknamed God Particle.

In this way we can find scientists divided into three groups regarding the belief of God. They are theist, atheist and agnostic.
Discovered by Don Prince

Fear of God

GOD, a word even an atheist takes when he or she is afraid.  But there is a community in Nepal which is getting scared with God from the time unrecorded. Those people live at Ruza village of Rawatkot in Dailekh district.

There are about 37 houses in the small area of Ruza village. This village is one of the inaccessible places of Nepal. This small area is so congested that there is no place remained even for making a toilet. However, people do not migrate from here. Because they think that if they migrate, their God will get angry with them.  The village dwellers are the follower of Masto God from the time immemorial. They worship Masto God in Dashain and Tihar notably. Mr. Prakash Adhikari writes in Kantipur Daily.
Discovered by Don Prince