When you are alone in home then you might hear some types of creepy sounds. I have explained these kinds of horror experiences and the scientific reasons of these experiences in my previous article “What might be the Causes of Horror Experiences?”. In that article I have proved you wrong by mentioning about illusion created by your subconscious mind. But in this article, I am not doing so. Rather, I am going to say that what you have been hearing in house when you are alone or at night is all true sound. Is it that scary? Don’t worry, I will explain in it of on the ground science.

When we are alone in home then we often hear some kind of tinkling sound from many parts of our house. In my case, I have often heard these kinds of sounds from grill of house’s windows, ceiling bulbs, doors, etc. It sounds so natural that anyone can come in fear. Anyone can believe that it’s something horror. It sounds like someone is throwing stone on the window but the sound is coming from the grills. “How can one hit stone from outside striking the grill despite the grill being inside the glass to the room?” This question was striking my brain. Then day by day I heard the same sound. I kept wondering at first. I heard the same kind of sound from the ceiling bulb too but there was no chance of someone hitting the stone at it which made me feel creepier. Then I closely observed the window frames, glasses, grills, doors, ceiling bulbs and all those things from which those tinkling sounds were heard. There was common thing that I observed in all those objects. Then due to that common thing, I got to know the cause and actual reason behind those tinkling sound. As the time passed, those tinkling sounds stopped gradually. Then what might be the reason behind it?

Due to the temperature variation and other different factors, there is certain kind of change seen in the objects. As heat is responsible for expansion and contraction of matters, if the temperature is high then the objects may expand and if temperature is low then objects may contract. Similarly, in case of window frames, same thing happens. Due to contraction and expansion of woods and grills caused by temperature variation, the knot which is fixed between grills and woods tends to move. Due to such movement in knot, there is collision between grill slot and knot due to which, tinkling sound is produced. Day by day such activities occur due to the same reason. In case of doors and ceiling bulbs too, same thing happens. Either screw or knot fixed in the object when moves with collision with other metal parts, then such tinkling sounds are produced. After some years, either the expansion or contraction of those objects reach to optimal level and the knot will not have any more tendencies to move as it becomes loose a bit. There is no collision any more to produce the tinkling sounds.

So, there is no matter to worry about such strange sounds in your home. They are all due to scientific reasons. No evil spirits exists to be responsible for such tinkling sounds in your home. If you have any queries regarding this matter then please comment below.
Discovered by Madhusudan Duwadi