Actually I was starting this ‘Science of Earthquake’ series from tomorrow. But the newly emerged situation compelled me to write this blog immediately.

As the title of this post speaks itself, now the aftershocks are packing up to say good bye to us. And I am very surprised it is happening exactly what I estimated in my previous post. Now I can believe that with the change of unusual weather, earthquake also has left us dropping inerasable print on our mind.

But some people are a bit doubtful today. When I formulated ‘lower the frequencies, higher the magnitude’ formula, most of people believed me. Thanks to all. Whenever this formula created confusion, I responded though another article so that no rumour spreads based on it. Today I am doing the same duty again.

The frequencies of aftershocks have declined nowadays. Day before there were 3 aftershocks. Yesterday there was only one. And today also till I am writing this blog, we have experienced only one aftershock. So are we going to face a big tremor again?

If you have gone through all of my articles, then you might have already got the answer of this question. However I am explaining again. These decreasing aftershocks are not leading us towards a big earthquake. There are two reasons:

1. One month deadline of 25 April mainshock has passed.
2. 2 weeks deadline of 12 May aftershock also has passed

Did not understand? If you want to understand this theory in detail, you can visit my previous post. Here it is available.

Photo Credit: NSC

There may be a bit bigger aftershock around 4.5 or 5.5 but they are not harmful. And the reason behind that kind of a bit bigger aftershock is decline of the frequency. I have already told that aftershocks with lower magnitude are more likely to occur frequently. Oppositely aftershocks with higher magnitude are more likely to occur occasionally. However, we can also expect all aftershocks less than 4.5 in the coming days. Because final clean up may be going on below the crust, then it is obvious to have small aftershocks than the large ones.

{This is the personal opinion of the author written so as to exchange knowledge about earthquake which is not verified by the official science}
Discovered by Don Prince

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