In our daily life, there are many incidents which occur frequently but we don’t have time to think about the reason behind them or we just neglect them. Each and every incident that occurs in our life has scientific reason. In this article I am going to discuss about the human reflexes and reactions that our body exhibits during different situations.

Have you ever noticed how our body behaves when a fast moving object just passes close to us? How does our body react if a bullet passes next to our ear? How fast does our body react? Which organ of our body is responsible for that kind of reaction? Why does our body react in such a way? Let’s discuss the possible reasons behind them.

The autonomous nervous system is responsible for these kinds of involuntary reflexes. During such conditions, before the brain, the spinal cord does its work to order the body parts to react during the particular condition and then the brain gets to know what is really going on. In this type of condition, first of all our body reacts then only we will know the reason our body reacted. There is a different path for the transmission of such kind of reflex impulses and that specific path is known as reflex arc. During the emergency conditions in which the body should be protected at any cost, spinal cord works almost spontaneously to order the body parts even without the consent of brain. First of all, the sensory nerves take the impulses to the spinal cord through the reflex arc and then the spinal cord sends back the impulses in the form of motor impulse to the effector and then the body reacts. It just triggers the effected organ to take the defensive action anyhow to protect the body. Due to this type of reaction, our body is hence protected.

You might also have realized sometimes that our body comes in fear after the incident is over. You know that the danger is gone but also your body reacts. This late reaction is due to the late response of brain. When our brain detects danger then it will try its best to protect the body either fast or late. Same reaction is shown by the body either it is at the time of incident or just after the incident. For example, if a fast moving vehicle passes very close to you and you don’t see that vehicle at first but after the vehicle comes to your sight and then you realize that the vehicle was close enough to hit you then your body reacts in a protective way like bending the body abruptly in fear. If you would see the vehicle little bit before that circumstances then also your body would show same reaction. This is because the brain would give same command for specific type of defensive action. Same happens with the case of bullet passing next to the ear.

Have you ever noticed that you react just by the thought of danger approaching near even if it is not so? Let’s take the example of pricking pin. If a pin pricks your hand then you suddenly back off your hand and jerk it a bit as a reflex action to protect your hand. Likewise, if you get to know that a pin is about to prick your hand then also, even without being pricked you back off your hand in the same way to protect the hand. This proves that the brain commands same for specific type of defensive action. In this condition, the thought of being pricked and the thought of pain were the stimuli for the brain to react.

Let’s go to next condition. When a vehicle passes near to us and blows the horn, our body reacts abruptly and at last we realize what has happened actually. The reaction shown here is also a kind of reflex action. First of all, as soon as sound wave of horn enters the ear, the spinal cord orders the body to react and we react very fast and afterwards our brain gets the actual information about the incident. The brain then comes to know that it was the horn of the vehicle. From here it is clear that we react first and we know fact later after computation of brain. In this situation, our spinal cord reacts even without consent of brain but it works right. It is already fixed that if something produces a loud sound then it may be something very large and it may be approaching near us and can harm our body. So, spinal cord sends order so quickly that we don’t understand why we react at that time. Some of we claim that we are very brave enough to withstand any condition without fear but in actual practice we react a lot with fear when the creepy situation arises. It is something which is out of our will and brain’s control. What we want is our brain’s decision but reflex action is the task performed by the spinal cord, not the brain so no one can help it.

There are many other such circumstances in which our body shows such kind of reflex actions. Some of the examples of such reflex actions are sneezing, coughing, blinking of eyes, etc. All these type of reflex actions occur daily in our life and I don’t think their mechanisms should be explained for being very common. Our body reacts in this way to escape from the possible damage to us. In such situations nobody has time to think wisely and to decide what to do and what not to do. Suppose if you accidentally keep your hand in boiling hot water, you won’t have time to think for what to do. You will abruptly remove your hand from the water. If a street dog starts barking and chasing you, instead of thinking for a while and picking a stone, you will start to run as fast as you can even though you can’t beat the speed of the dog.

As everything in this world has some exceptions, it is also not out of them. If you are sure that the dog may start to bark at any moment and you are pre-planned like if a dog barks at you then you will throw stone at it then you may not run as an effect of reflex. For the things you are ready to face with are out of reflex action. For an easy example, you remove your hand if a syringe pricks your hand as a reflex action as mentioned above but think for a while, do you remove your hand in same way while a nurse gives you injection by a pricking syringe? It is because you are ready to face the pain of pricking injection for your treatment. Haven’t you ever gone through the condition in which you bleed from your hand or legs accidentally and you are not known about it? It might happen when you are making your brain too much busy either by a deep thought or tension. And as soon as your brain realizes that you are bleeding, you start to feel the pain of the wound. I hope now you are clear about the reflex actions.

Let me give you an idea to skip your pain from certain part of your body for a while. You may be already known of this fact but also if you don’t know then it will be easy at some situations of your life. It is about diverting the concentration of your brain from one point to another. Suppose you are bleeding a lot from your hand and you want to get relief from that pain at least for a while then all you need to do is to put some pressure in same area of hand little bit far from the wound so that the concentration of brain goes to the pressurized area of hand rather than the wound. You can press even other parts of your body to divert the brain. I hope it may be helpful in your future if you get any wound.

Likewise, there are many situations we have to face in our life. We go though many conditions in our daily life which have their specific scientific reasons but we are unknown about them. If you also have gone through strange conditions about which you are wondering for the scientific reason then please inform us. We will try to give you your answer in convincible scientific explanations.
Discovered by Madhusudan Duwadi