Nepal faced destructive earthquake on 25 April 2015. Today is the 9th day of the disaster. Nepalese are still experiencing aftershocks everyday which has terrorised them badly.

According to the history of earthquakes occurred in different periods in the world, aftershocks after large earthquake like ‘Nepal Earthquake 2015’ is common. Some examples:

1. The earthquake that occurred in Nepal in 1834 AD gave aftershocks up to 1 month.
2. Nepal Bihar Earthquake 1934 AD gave aftershocks up to 6 days.
3. Gujrat Earthquake 2001 had aftershocks for many weeks.
4. Chile Earthquake 2010 gave aftershocks even after 1 year.
5. Haiti Earthquake 2010 had aftershocks up to 12 days.
6. Japan earthquake 2011 had aftershocks for about more than 2 years.

Study says that aftershocks are smaller than the main shock. Nowadays aftershocks of average 4 magnitudes are occurring in Nepal which is expected to go down within a couple of day.
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Disclaimer: This post has been created to give relief to the people of Nepal who are fearful to the earthquake. It does not guarantee that there won’t be another large earthquake in Nepal.  Common people and the concerned authorities should be cautious towards the earthquake which is natural and may happen anywhere and any time.}.