After second week of the large earthquake of Nepal, Kathmandu city has felt only one aftershock yesterday. According to Nepal Seismological Centre, the 4.1 magnitude aftershock was raised at 03.08 am in Rasuwa district that shocked Kathmandu valley too.

After the decrement of aftershocks, people’s life in Kathmandu has begun to be general. Shops, theatres, offices, etc are open and the road is overcrowded with local vehicles. Some private schools have started session from today. People are pouring to the city from out of the valley.

However, today till this article is published, 4 aftershocks have been detected. But people are responding the shocks normally. The aftershocks which used to terrorise them in the past are being the subject of fun for them. Some intellectual people say that this is the result of the consciousness on earthquake and aftershocks increased in the last two weeks.
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Disclaimer: This post has been created to give relief to the people of Nepal who are fearful to the earthquake. It does not guarantee that there won’t be another large earthquake in Nepal.  Common people and the concerned authorities should be cautious towards the earthquake which is natural and may happen anywhere and any time.}.