The market of False is still hot in Nepal. Many rumors have been spread dramatically compromising the emotion and peace of the general people. Aditya Dahal, the google boy of Nepal also has been made one of the strikers to hit the target.

It’s about earthquake prediction. As Nepalese people are so scared with earthquake and its aftershocks, rumor has been spread in the name of Aditya too. The parents of Aditya have extremely opposed it. They say that Aditya had/has not done any prediction about earthquake and its aftershocks of Nepal.

However, yesterday Aditya Dahal has commented about earthquake with Mr. Sushil Koirala, the present PM of Nepal. He said that Nepal would get relief from the earthquake crisis very soon. He says that the crisis is over. Ekanipur has reported.

Now the question is: Can we believe on the prediction of Aditya Dahal? I think this question is similar to the question: Can we believe on prediction? In my opinion, if it has been done on the basis of Astrology, then we can’t believe it. Because Astrology has been already suspended by the official science. In the other hand, if it is done on the basis of Psychology, it is a subject to observe and research.

Anyway, the  prediction of Aditya is positive specially for those who are running after the false prediction and rumors. Let's see what happens in future.
Wishing well being of everyone!
Discovered by Don Prince

Disclaimer: This post has been created to give relief to the people of Nepal who are fearful to the earthquake. It does not guarantee that there won’t be another large earthquake in Nepal.  Common people and the concerned authorities should be cautious towards the earthquake which is natural and may happen anywhere and any time.}