Being in Nepalese society, you might have certainly heard about the witch bites. But hold on for a moment and try to think, do witches really exist? If yes then where’s the proof? And if not then what about the bite marks that we often see on our body. There are many queries regarding witchcraft.

In Nepalese society, till now there exist many superstitious beliefs that we should anyhow try to remove them right from their root. Likewise, witchcraft is one of them. People blindly believe that witches really exist. Especially poor and widow women are blamed to be witch. As they are unable to fight back due to their weakness and lack of society support, they are treated very badly. In some places they are seen burnt alive. They are punished for no reason. If someone in such society is found ill, such helpless women are suspected to be witch and reason for the illness. Widow women are more found to be called witch in the society. People blame the woman to be reason for her husband’s death. They believe that she eats him alive being witch. How disgusting is that? How can a woman take the life of her own husband? It is believed that witch bites the person leaving the bruises (blue,black and red discoloration of skin). Is it even possible? If not then what might be the reasons for such bruises that we obtain on our body overnight?

There are various biological reasons for such bruises on our body. Bruises actually occur when small blood vessel present just inside our skin ruptures. When those blood vessels rupture, the blood gets pooled at there and gives blue/black/red color. Often children, old aged people and women are vulnerable to these kinds of bruises. They have very weak blood vessels which can rupture and tear at any time by even a gentle touch. Mostly bruises are found on arms and legs. Old aged people blindly believe in such witchcraft because they have very thin skin and weak blood vessel which can be easily ruptured and they get bruises very easily. They lack proper knowledge and they are unknown about the real facts. Some of them claim that they have seen witch in their real life. However, till now no any proof is found. In children too, same thing happens. They too have weak blood vessels which rupture easily and on the other hand unlike old aged people, children are found playing whole day hurting their body a lot due to which they easily get many bruises overnight. Uneducated parents hence think that it is due to witch bite. In case of women also, they do lots of household and kitchen works that they get bruises easily. Now let’s talk about adult ones. Adults have lots of responsibilities to take over to run the family. Psychological science has proven that bruises can occur even by emotional cause, tension, stress and even by problems like financial problems. These kinds of activities going on our brain can make our heart beat fast and not only that, it can make our body weak too. Over pressure of blood in blood vessel and weakening of those blood vessels is the perfect condition to rupture the vessel and get bruises. Even the microscopic damage in the blood capillaries can cause bruises. So, in my opinion there is nothing to fear when we get bruises.

But that’s not all. If you start to get bruises frequently even without any stress or exercise, there is matter to fear. Calm down! I'm not saying that it might be witch bite. It might be some kind of neurological disease. If you are having bruises frequently for many days then I suggest you to visit doctor as soon as possible but if you are sure that it is due to exercise or stress then it is okay.

In our society, there are many beliefs which are just hearsay. Not only about the bites of witch, but there are many other beliefs regarding the witchcraft. Some of them are funny too. They say that witches fly on broom at night time and travel here and there in search of their prey. Oh my god! Are they serious? It’s unbelievable. They haven’t left even animals free from their beliefs. Black cats are believed to be form of a witch. Isn't it too much?

There is nothing like witch in this world. All those fake talks are just superstitious beliefs. In our society, there are many witch doctors commonly named as dhaami/jhankri. Their profession is to make people believe in witchcraft and take profit. They hypnotize people in the name of witch and make them pay a huge amount to recover from such serious illness. In rural areas, if people suffer from any kind of disease, they take victims to witch doctors. Although they collect some fake proofs about witchcraft and try to make us believe them, we shouldn't believe in such things. Witchcraft is one of the social evil that badly exploits women in the society. They are blackmailed and controlled by society people for their own benefit.

Unless there is light of education in the society, such kind of superstitious beliefs will be prevailing in our society. There are many such illiterates in our society who blindly believe in such kind of hearsay. Being conscious people of the society it is our prime duty to uproot those kinds of evils from the society. So let’s light up the darkness of our society by light of science. Each and every superstitious belief in the past now is scientifically proven to be wrong. If you were the one to believe in such kind of hearsay then I hope that now you have been clear that there is no such kind of spirit like witch. I hope that you will try to fight back for those poor women who are blamed to be witch. If your family blindly believes such superstitious thing then it is your duty to make them clear about those things. We together can put effort to eradicate such evils. This blog is strictly against superstitious beliefs. So,  I request you to inform us about other superstitious beliefs prevailing in our society which you might think to be somehow true. Don’t stay in confusion. We will try our best to make you clear about those stuffs by convincing scientific explanations.
Discovered by Madhusudan Duwadi