A week back, people in Nepal feel almost all aftershocks. The tremor less than 4 magnitude can’t be felt. But they had begun to feel the tremor even less than 4 magnitude. But nowadays they report that they are not feeling most of the shocks. Some have experienced that they did not feel the quake even more than 4.5 magnitude. They know it only after they hear through media. Have you experienced like that?

I have noted 9 main reasons you are not feeling aftershocks:

1. Your location is far from the actual epicentre.
2. The tremor was of less than 4 magnitude.
3. There are very few aftershocks.
4. You are habituated.
5. You are staying in the strong place.
6. You are in the noisy place.
7. You are much tensed.
8. You are sleeping.
9. You are scared.

Today till 9 am, only one aftershock has gone. It occurred at 4:34 am and the epicentre was in Dolakha. Did you feel it?
Discovered by Don Prince

Disclaimer: This post has been created to give relief to the people of Nepal who are fearful to the earthquake. It does not guarantee that there won’t be another large earthquake in Nepal.  Common people and the concerned authorities should be cautious towards the earthquake which is natural and may happen anywhere and any time.}