My newly emerged theory says in ‘’Nature had Already Given Signal for the Nepal Earthquake 2015 But No one Noticed’’ that having less earthquakes than expectation can accumulate more energy which later blasts as a big earthquake. Similarly in the II part of the article, it is said that same law can be applied with aftershocks too.

According to the record of NSC, yesterday 3 aftershocks went. It has made many people anxious. Today in NSC, only 2 aftershocks have been recorded which has increased the tension. So I have decided to write this post before anyone spreads rumour of another mega earthquake standing on my theory.

3 reasons we can’t expect a big quake:

1. One month threshold
I have already told that decline of aftershocks after one month is normal. USGS also says that the frequencies of aftershocks will start decreasing after 4 weeks. As we are running in 4th week, it can be normal for the aftershocks to be disappeared gradually.

2. Aftershocks of Aftershock
When we faced mainshock, it gave so many aftershocks. It was decreasing notably. But on 12th May a big aftershock went. Then aftershocks of that big aftershock began.  It means the aftershocks we are facing today are the aftershocks of aftershock. And it is normal that they are less in these 7 days.

3. Declining Magnitude
After the mainshock of more than 7 magnitude, there will be many aftershocks. But the magnitude will be less than the mainshock. It means when there are aftershocks of aftershocks, magnitude also will be decreasing. As a result the magnitude will be so low {less than 4} that they are not felt.

As this theory is under observation, I can't say what is going to be with nature. But we must be optimistic. There is no better alternative than it. Worrying is not solution. Walking cautiously through conscience is the best policy.
Wishing you a safe life journey!

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Discovered by Don Prince

Disclaimer: This post has been created to give relief to the people of Nepal who are fearful to the earthquake. It does not guarantee that there won’t be another large earthquake in Nepal.  Common people and the concerned authorities should be cautious towards the earthquake which is natural and may happen anywhere and any time.}