Finally Stephen Hawking declared that he does not believe on God though he had already said that there is no hand of God in the creation of the universe. It is also believed that after he concluded the picture of the universe without God, his wife gave him divorce as she was highly dedicated devotee of Jesus. Today we are gonna discuss why Hawking doesn't believe on God.

There are many reasons that can turn any theist and agnostic into atheist. And the reasons may be psychological, scientific, social and political. In the case of Hawking, I want to connect Psychology. According to Psychology, a man can lose belief on God if he suffers in life. All of us know Hawking suffered physically in his life. So he does not believe on God.

So what is conclusion? Is God doing partiality? Does God exist only for those who never suffer in life? Is there anyone in this world who has never suffered? Is God the cause of our sufferings? There are many questions.

I don’t know what Hawking really thinks. But if he thinks that God has done injustice with him by making him physically challenged and so he does not believe on God, then I want to say him that it is the same God who has made him STEPHEN HAWKING. And if he says that it is not God who made him a famous scientist and he has become whatever he is today with his own capacity and labour, then he also can’t say that it is God who made him suffer. Thus Hawking has no reason not to believe on God.

‘’What do you say about the existence of God? Do you believe on God?’’ A student asked me question while I was teaching in the class. I said, ‘’I don’t believe on God. Because we have to believe the thing only if we don’t know whether it exists or not. But there is no doubt God exists. So we should not believe on God.  We should worship the God. So I worship God. There is no question of belief at all.’’

Yes it may be true that we still don’t have scientific evidence to prove the existence of God. But it is also the truth that Science also can’t prove that God does not exist. Moreover the vastness of the universe indicates that there is existence of not only God but also other beings about whom we have not even thought or imagined.

God exists or not is another topic. But we must keep him alive among us. At least it can make people constant with mind. It can prevent them from doing wrong. And also it can save goodness on the earth. So we must say there is God.
Discovered by Don Prince