I still remember. When I was a child, an old lady told me a true event of witch attack where a man was killed. According to the lady, the chief mistake of the man was that his hand was on his chest while he was sleeping. The lady further told me that a witch searches a man who is sleeping by keeping his hand on the chest. The kind lady also suggested me never to keep hand on chest while sleeping. As a child, I agreed her and followed this rule strictly.

Do I still follow this rule? The answer is YES SURELY. Both you and I know it is nothing more than a superstition. However I never keep my hand on chest while sleeping.  But I am not doing it due to the fear of any witch attack. The reason is scientific. First of all let me tell you an incidence where I had mistakenly violated my rule and what happened to me.

One day I had kept my hand on my chest. As I was dreaming about witch, I felt someone snatched my neck. I was half awake and I confirmed myself I was not dreaming at that moment. After a few seconds I decided to counter attack. Then I found myself normal on the bed.

How many of you have experienced this type of incidence? I know many of you. May be most of you had kept hand on the chest at the moment. You can do it every night till you experience it. It’s an adventure for you. Only the difference will be that you can encounter a ghost or any other being what you fear about instead of a witch.

It is clear that there is no witch or ghost or any other scary being behind the scene of this incidence. Then what was that? Let me give scientific reason which is so simple and interesting.

This is related to your heart and brain connection. When you sleep, your heart and brain still will be functioning. Especially when you are tired and you keep any heavy thing like your hand on the chest; it affects your brain and dream. As a result you experience such type of paranormal experience in response.

So I never keep my hand on chest while sleeping so that the functioning of the heart won’t be interrupted due to the heavy load on the chest and I do not experience any kind of unwanted incidence which is triggered by my brain.

As all of you know that National Discovery openly fights against superstition. If you have experienced any amazing and challenging things which are of paranormal type, let us know about them in the comment below. We will try to explain them in psychological as well as scientific prospective so that the reality is brought out and the blind faith can be split. What do you think?
Discovered by Don Prince