I often find people in Nepal believing that if utensils are not cleaned properly or they don’t clean the kitchen after dinner at night, they will see snake in their dream. Is it true? I can’t say about all. But most of them will definitely see snake that night.  And you also know it. But do you know why does it happen?  If you don’t know, don’t worry. I am going to tell you the actual reason. First see these two examples.

Case 1
Saroj is a Nepalese boy. He was staying with his roommate in Kathmandu for study. One night Saroj did not clean utensil as it was late night and he was feeling sleepy. Saroj knew that he might see snake in dream. So he saw snake in dream.  But his friend did not see it because he was unknown from the fact that leaving utensil dirty can result snake in dream. Neither did he know Saroj had left the utensil unwashed.

So this case seriously says that actually belief is working to show snake in dream. As the second boy was unknown with the fact, he did not see it.

Case 2
Rahul saw snake at last night. In the morning he asked with his sister if she had forgotten to clean utensil. And it was true. Rahul asked if she had also seen snake in dream. His sister admitted it.
The second case is more complex. The situation of sister is clear. It is similar to the case of Saroj as she knew that unwashed utensil causes visual of snake in dream. But what about Rahul? He did not know that his sister had left utensil at night. Then how did he see snake in dream?

Actually the subconscious mind of Rahul has worked here. As Rahul asked about utensils after seeing snake in dream, it is clear that the information is already stored in his subconscious mind. So whenever there is dirty utensil, the subconscious mind will show snake in the dream. Rahul consciously did not know his sister had left utensil. But he knows it by his subconscious mind. And his subconscious mind shows snake in dream because it thinks that whenever there is unwashed utensil it should show snake in dream.
Discovered by Don Prince