It’s really a matter to think what actually the meaning of god is. Who is god? Why do we worship God? Does he even exist? Is it only the rumour of ancient time? Then who created this universe? There are lots of queries related to god which are still unsolved. Let’s get deeper today to explore the truth.

In this modern generation, due to speed of development of science, god is regarded to be hypothetical. Many scientists have already declared that god doesn't exist. But nobody has yet proven either existence or non-existence. Regarding the creation of universe, Big Bang theory is quite popular in which a dense matter which exploded later is thought to be responsible for the existence of universe but has anyone thought where that dense matter came from? Many hypotheses are proposed regarding creation of universe but all of those are edgeless. So, it’s better to believe in supernatural power to be responsible for creation of the universe.

The supernatural spirit which is not found anywhere perhaps exists everywhere and is responsible for existence of whole this universe can be simply regarded as god. People regard his existence in their own way of belief organizing different groups forming religion. They all have different concept regarding forms of god but all of them have common theme for social welfare and service for human kind. Nobody has yet seen god even though, many of the devotees of god say that they have direct contact with god and god has selected them as his messenger. They are fraud or they are real, nobody can clarify but surprising matter is that, many of them have proved their supernatural powers too.

In holy books too, we can learn about the legends of god in which many of them are certainly not acceptable but many of those ideas and written things are little bit believable and are still matters to think too. Many of those things are still being studied also by science. With the matter of god, there comes existence of the rumour of devil (anti-part of god) too. If we closely observe each and everything in nature, the design and the functioning of the nature is too unique, then who actually designed and made rule for such great functioning of this nature. Each and every thing is well maintained in this nature then who maintained this? It proves the existence of god. Yes, he exists, although we cannot see him, we cannot prove his existence, but we can feel his divine power. We can realize the role of god in functioning of nature and whole universe. Everything in this universe cannot be just coincidence because coincidence can be once, twice and even thrice but not every time since evolution of universe.

Regarding the worshipping of god, again there arise lots of queries. There are many ways of worshipping of god. In accordance with different religions, there are different ways. Some believe in god being in some statues and sculptures after certain formal religious process of inviting god in those sculptures. Some believe in worshipping the nature regarding nature to be real god. They all have their own concept and beliefs. However, the main theme of worshipping is common in all the religions. We worship for overall well-being of whole universe. Those who are fully dedicated in such religious activities, they are generally generous and selfless. So, they worship and pray for not only for themselves but for whole universe. By worshipping the god, some kind of strong protection can be felt. It can be either actually done by god or it can be done by our own mind to feel us to be protected by someone but whatever it might be, it is good. If there really exists god and if god is really protecting us by his powers then of course we can be sure that in every situation of our life, we have someone who cares about us and we are not alone and even though, if there is no existence of god then also if we have strong faith in god then our mind makes us sure that someone is with us forever and it builds up our confidence. It helps us to be hopeful and to move forward in our life. You might have heard many cases in which people give up after trying a lot in their works but after worshipping the god they are able to so their works easily. It is probably due to the confidence build up in them by faith of god in their mind. Due to lack of confidence, they are unable to perform their tasks at first but after gaining the confidence they find it all alright. Mind plays game with us so, we must play game with mind. We must put it under our control for every work. Worshipping plays the same game with mind to build the confidence and actually results well. So, this is the main reason we worship the god.

Nevertheless, if you really do not believe in god, I have nothing to force you or hypnotize you to make you believe in him. There are many kind hearted people who have done lot for our society and human kind. You can regard them as god and follow their path. It can surely preserve the human kind like exactly real god do. Either you believe or not, god exists, its true and instead of not believing, everyone should try to preserve human kind and whole universe. Even you might be called god for your contribution in future.
Discovered by Madhusudan Duwadi