Congratulations. You have arrived to the right place. Today with my  articles you are going to be clear about many incidents which happen in your life which might feel something like horror or something supernatural but all those unsolved queries are solved scientifically right here in my article.

You might have heard someone feeling touched or having horror types of experiences but all those incidents can be proven to be scientific.

Why do you feel touched in so-called haunted house? What might be the scientific reason for that?

You might be quite familiar with the term “subconscious mind” as it has been addressed often in this blog. Yeah, it might be the possible reason for this incident too. No matter how much control you have on your brain, it has full control on you. Whenever you are in fear or whenever you suspect anything to exist even without its existence, your brain plays a great role to make you feel it to be true. Same happens with the incident mentioned above. Whenever you enter to so-called haunted house, your mind automatically expect a slight touch, horror kind of sounds, etc. As you’ll have already known about what kind of things happen inside the haunted house either by tales or by movies, it is normal to expect same kind of incident to happen with you. Your subconscious mind will start imagining those moments to make a horror image on your conscious mind. Your brain will hence start to generate a kind of fear in your body due to which your muscles can contract to make you feel touched. You might be thinking that if such thing happens then why we can’t realize the possible reason during same time but as I have mentioned it above, it is all done by our brain. Same thing happens regarding the horror sounds being heard. Meanwhile we cannot think of the possible reason because our body will be in great stress and our conscious brain will be busy creating the image formed in subconscious brain. We’ll be opted to think that it is the horror kind of experience.

On the other hand, there might be some other reasons too influencing this kind of horror experience. In some areas, there is strong magnetic field. Our body also somehow behaves like a magnet. When both come in contact with each other some kind of touch like feeling can be experienced. As we all know that earth completes the electric circuit, our body when touches the earth and naked wire, in which current is flowing, it completes the circuit to flow high amount current. Similarly, when such complete kind of circuit comes with contact of magnetic field and if the flux changes, current is induced given by law of electromagnetic induction. It can also make you feel an electric shock. I have personally experienced such shock while touching my friend when we were just under electric wires passing above my friend’s house. So it is common to have such kind of horror experiences. There is no matter to have fear regarding such haunted areas as it has been many times mentioned in previous articles of this blog that ghost doesn't exist in this universe(if it do exists, it doesn't
exist in our universe, it exists in another universe.
Discovered by Madhusudan Duwadi