Namrata was seen depressed in the morning. Her friend asked her for the reason. Then she said that she had seen the dream of teeth falling out last night. Her friend suggested her to go to temple to pray God for the well beings of her relatives.

Why was Namrata worried with the dream of teeth falling out? Do you have any idea? Dream about teeth falling out is a common type of dream. I don’t know how people interpret it in overseas. But it is a bad dream in Nepal. According to the belief, the dream of teeth falling out is the symbol of death possibility of relatives in near future.

If upper teeth fall, it indicates to the elders and if lower teeth fall, it is indicated to the younger ones. Moreover, I guess that more teeth fall, more relatives are in danger. Similarly, if teeth move but does not fall, they may fall in sick or they are going to face something dangerous situation.

If you have recently seen such dream, don’t get disappointed. I am giving a solution for you. Actually the belief system of the dreamer is responding in this case. It means if you don’t believe that there is negative impact of this dream, nothing will happen. If you believe it, your subconscious mind will respond accordingly and you will face bad situation. So only one thing you should do here is to ignore belief. For that first of all you should find out the cause of this belief.

In my views, people link the dream about teeth falling out with the death of relatives because teeth falling out is indication of ageing and ageing is the process towards death.  So if you want to bypass the effect of such type of dream, you must think that only teeth falling out is not the indicator of ageing. Ageing does not cause immediate death. Similarly, teeth falling out may be caused by many other reasons out of ageing. If you think like this, you won't have any problem with such dream.
Best Wishes.
Discovered by Don Prince