Here is an interesting interpretation of dream for you. I hope you are going to get some knowledge about dream. First of all I am going to present an interesting dream here so that you can easily understand the concept.

Rohit, Bishal, Kamal and Hari had gone to watch picture on Sunday. Now there was enough time to start the picture. They went to a coffee shop and began to talk. Rohit said, ‘’Yesterday night I had an amazing dream. I had a fight with my girl friend. She was going to leave me. I was begging. Later Bishal reminded her and everything came to be fine.’’

Have you ever seen such type of dream? Was your dream similar to this dream? If yes, I want to congratulate. Because now you are going to know the actual meaning of this dream.  And I want to interpret this dream in Sigmund Fraud’s prospective.

According to Fraud, dream is the expression of the unfulfilled desires which are hidden in the subconscious mind. It means dream represents unfulfilled desires of the dreamer. So by analysing the dream of Rohit, one can say that he has got hidden desire to leave his girl friend. So he found his girl friend leaving him in the dream. However he is reminding his girl friend not to break the relation. It is the symbol that he does not know his desire because it is hidden.

Frustrated? Don’t worry. This dream may have other meanings too. It can also symbolize the deep love of Rohit for his girl friend. May be his girl friend is so worthy in physical or social point of views. Or Rohit suspects that his girl friend is being attracted towards someone else. There is also possibility that Rohit is hiding something or he is cheating with his girl friend.

You wonder I gave so many interpretations of this dream. I have already mentioned several times in this blog that same dream may have different meanings for different dreamers. And you are not only one there who is reading this post. So take this post as a reference to interpret your dream according to the situation of your own life.
Discovered by Don Prince