There is a great controversy regarding science and religion. Let’s talk about this most controversial matter at present. Which one do you think has greater importance in today’s world? Both have equal importance in accordance to me. However, today in this world, religious matters and beliefs are seen suppressed by the new and modern technologies of science.

Science has done lots of things that just religious beliefs couldn't do. As per modernization in the field of science, many religious beliefs have been started to be discarded gradually calling all those to be superstitious. Does it mean that religion is in risk due to science? Of course not, religion has its own importance whereas science has its own. Due to the modern science only, it has been possible to pull one from the mouth of death. All these ease and convenience we are getting is the output of modern science. Religion is the thing that has been keeping human in discipline. All those civilization and development is possible just due to the patience and discipline of people provided by the religion. Morality and way to lead the life in past was only due to presence of religion. If there was no religion, we and other animals would have no difference.

If I am really given opportunity to define science in short, I would preferably say that science is improved and developed form of religion. All the present development which can be seen at present has co-existence according to holy books. Telecommunication between two super-natural souls to be believed in religious stories has been made possible by science. Telepathy and teleportation which are being currently tried by modern science can be previously heard being done by super-natural spirits in religious books. Yeah, it is true that the principles of creation of the universe are exactly opposite to each other. However, many matters can be yet found similar.

Main advantage over science by religion is that, person having scientific view always find a pin point way to his/her work. He/she sees everything scientifically whether it is beneficial for him/her in future or not and if he/she finds it with no hope, he/she doesn't even like to touch that work but person having faith in religion always has a hope that his/her work will be supported by god and he/she will get success in his work. This makes him/her really optimistic. I simple words, religion is the only way to make one hopeful and optimistic in the name of god to build up the confidence. It makes person to try for things even if seems impossible at first. It promotes people to carry on their job without expectation which will surely fruitful in future.

In this way, science and religion both have their own significance; both have their own necessity in the world. One should not leave the religion in the name of science neither one should blindly believe in religion discarding the truth of science. Both are inter-related with each other if we go through a close and deep study. Both are equally needed to run this world. In summing up, there is no win or lose of any of these two.
Discovered by Madhusudan Duwadi