Science Versus Religion

There is a great controversy regarding science and religion. Let’s talk about this most controversial matter at present. Which one do you think has greater importance in today’s world? Both have equal importance in accordance to me. However, today in this world, religious matters and beliefs are seen suppressed by the new and modern technologies of science.

Science has done lots of things that just religious beliefs couldn't do. As per modernization in the field of science, many religious beliefs have been started to be discarded gradually calling all those to be superstitious. Does it mean that religion is in risk due to science? Of course not, religion has its own importance whereas science has its own. Due to the modern science only, it has been possible to pull one from the mouth of death. All these ease and convenience we are getting is the output of modern science. Religion is the thing that has been keeping human in discipline. All those civilization and development is possible just due to the patience and discipline of people provided by the religion. Morality and way to lead the life in past was only due to presence of religion. If there was no religion, we and other animals would have no difference.

If I am really given opportunity to define science in short, I would preferably say that science is improved and developed form of religion. All the present development which can be seen at present has co-existence according to holy books. Telecommunication between two super-natural souls to be believed in religious stories has been made possible by science. Telepathy and teleportation which are being currently tried by modern science can be previously heard being done by super-natural spirits in religious books. Yeah, it is true that the principles of creation of the universe are exactly opposite to each other. However, many matters can be yet found similar.

Main advantage over science by religion is that, person having scientific view always find a pin point way to his/her work. He/she sees everything scientifically whether it is beneficial for him/her in future or not and if he/she finds it with no hope, he/she doesn't even like to touch that work but person having faith in religion always has a hope that his/her work will be supported by god and he/she will get success in his work. This makes him/her really optimistic. I simple words, religion is the only way to make one hopeful and optimistic in the name of god to build up the confidence. It makes person to try for things even if seems impossible at first. It promotes people to carry on their job without expectation which will surely fruitful in future.

In this way, science and religion both have their own significance; both have their own necessity in the world. One should not leave the religion in the name of science neither one should blindly believe in religion discarding the truth of science. Both are inter-related with each other if we go through a close and deep study. Both are equally needed to run this world. In summing up, there is no win or lose of any of these two.
Discovered by Madhusudan Duwadi

What might be the Causes of Horror Experiences?

Congratulations. You have arrived to the right place. Today with my  articles you are going to be clear about many incidents which happen in your life which might feel something like horror or something supernatural but all those unsolved queries are solved scientifically right here in my article.

You might have heard someone feeling touched or having horror types of experiences but all those incidents can be proven to be scientific.

Why do you feel touched in so-called haunted house? What might be the scientific reason for that?

You might be quite familiar with the term “subconscious mind” as it has been addressed often in this blog. Yeah, it might be the possible reason for this incident too. No matter how much control you have on your brain, it has full control on you. Whenever you are in fear or whenever you suspect anything to exist even without its existence, your brain plays a great role to make you feel it to be true. Same happens with the incident mentioned above. Whenever you enter to so-called haunted house, your mind automatically expect a slight touch, horror kind of sounds, etc. As you’ll have already known about what kind of things happen inside the haunted house either by tales or by movies, it is normal to expect same kind of incident to happen with you. Your subconscious mind will start imagining those moments to make a horror image on your conscious mind. Your brain will hence start to generate a kind of fear in your body due to which your muscles can contract to make you feel touched. You might be thinking that if such thing happens then why we can’t realize the possible reason during same time but as I have mentioned it above, it is all done by our brain. Same thing happens regarding the horror sounds being heard. Meanwhile we cannot think of the possible reason because our body will be in great stress and our conscious brain will be busy creating the image formed in subconscious brain. We’ll be opted to think that it is the horror kind of experience.

On the other hand, there might be some other reasons too influencing this kind of horror experience. In some areas, there is strong magnetic field. Our body also somehow behaves like a magnet. When both come in contact with each other some kind of touch like feeling can be experienced. As we all know that earth completes the electric circuit, our body when touches the earth and naked wire, in which current is flowing, it completes the circuit to flow high amount current. Similarly, when such complete kind of circuit comes with contact of magnetic field and if the flux changes, current is induced given by law of electromagnetic induction. It can also make you feel an electric shock. I have personally experienced such shock while touching my friend when we were just under electric wires passing above my friend’s house. So it is common to have such kind of horror experiences. There is no matter to have fear regarding such haunted areas as it has been many times mentioned in previous articles of this blog that ghost doesn't exist in this universe(if it do exists, it doesn't
exist in our universe, it exists in another universe.
Discovered by Madhusudan Duwadi

Who is God and Why do We Worship?

It’s really a matter to think what actually the meaning of god is. Who is god? Why do we worship God? Does he even exist? Is it only the rumour of ancient time? Then who created this universe? There are lots of queries related to god which are still unsolved. Let’s get deeper today to explore the truth.

In this modern generation, due to speed of development of science, god is regarded to be hypothetical. Many scientists have already declared that god doesn't exist. But nobody has yet proven either existence or non-existence. Regarding the creation of universe, Big Bang theory is quite popular in which a dense matter which exploded later is thought to be responsible for the existence of universe but has anyone thought where that dense matter came from? Many hypotheses are proposed regarding creation of universe but all of those are edgeless. So, it’s better to believe in supernatural power to be responsible for creation of the universe.

The supernatural spirit which is not found anywhere perhaps exists everywhere and is responsible for existence of whole this universe can be simply regarded as god. People regard his existence in their own way of belief organizing different groups forming religion. They all have different concept regarding forms of god but all of them have common theme for social welfare and service for human kind. Nobody has yet seen god even though, many of the devotees of god say that they have direct contact with god and god has selected them as his messenger. They are fraud or they are real, nobody can clarify but surprising matter is that, many of them have proved their supernatural powers too.

In holy books too, we can learn about the legends of god in which many of them are certainly not acceptable but many of those ideas and written things are little bit believable and are still matters to think too. Many of those things are still being studied also by science. With the matter of god, there comes existence of the rumour of devil (anti-part of god) too. If we closely observe each and everything in nature, the design and the functioning of the nature is too unique, then who actually designed and made rule for such great functioning of this nature. Each and every thing is well maintained in this nature then who maintained this? It proves the existence of god. Yes, he exists, although we cannot see him, we cannot prove his existence, but we can feel his divine power. We can realize the role of god in functioning of nature and whole universe. Everything in this universe cannot be just coincidence because coincidence can be once, twice and even thrice but not every time since evolution of universe.

Regarding the worshipping of god, again there arise lots of queries. There are many ways of worshipping of god. In accordance with different religions, there are different ways. Some believe in god being in some statues and sculptures after certain formal religious process of inviting god in those sculptures. Some believe in worshipping the nature regarding nature to be real god. They all have their own concept and beliefs. However, the main theme of worshipping is common in all the religions. We worship for overall well-being of whole universe. Those who are fully dedicated in such religious activities, they are generally generous and selfless. So, they worship and pray for not only for themselves but for whole universe. By worshipping the god, some kind of strong protection can be felt. It can be either actually done by god or it can be done by our own mind to feel us to be protected by someone but whatever it might be, it is good. If there really exists god and if god is really protecting us by his powers then of course we can be sure that in every situation of our life, we have someone who cares about us and we are not alone and even though, if there is no existence of god then also if we have strong faith in god then our mind makes us sure that someone is with us forever and it builds up our confidence. It helps us to be hopeful and to move forward in our life. You might have heard many cases in which people give up after trying a lot in their works but after worshipping the god they are able to so their works easily. It is probably due to the confidence build up in them by faith of god in their mind. Due to lack of confidence, they are unable to perform their tasks at first but after gaining the confidence they find it all alright. Mind plays game with us so, we must play game with mind. We must put it under our control for every work. Worshipping plays the same game with mind to build the confidence and actually results well. So, this is the main reason we worship the god.

Nevertheless, if you really do not believe in god, I have nothing to force you or hypnotize you to make you believe in him. There are many kind hearted people who have done lot for our society and human kind. You can regard them as god and follow their path. It can surely preserve the human kind like exactly real god do. Either you believe or not, god exists, its true and instead of not believing, everyone should try to preserve human kind and whole universe. Even you might be called god for your contribution in future.
Discovered by Madhusudan Duwadi

Can We Turn the Earth?

A famous scientist Archimedes once said, “Give me a fulcrum I will turn the earth.” Does it mean that he really could? Is it even possible? The answer is both, yes and no too. He didn't mean that he was that powerful to turn the earth but instead, he meant that with the help of lever (a rigid bar which can turn or rotate about a fixed point called fulcrum) it can be possible. It may be a shocking matter for you that a lever can turn the earth but it is true. If one can provide a long lever strong enough to withstand the force while turning the earth and a fulcrum then it is certainly possible to turn the earth.

In a lever or any other kind of simple machine, if the effort distance (distance between effort applied point and fulcrum) is greater than load distance (distance between load and fulcrum) then the applied force is maximized.

With the help of lever, force can be multiplied by many times. The ratio of effort distance to load distance can also determine how much less effort can also lift the load of how much great mass. Suppose, you have load distance of 1 meter and effort distance of 2 meter, then the lever can lift the load twice the effort applied. Suppose, load is of 1000 Newton, then you should apply only 500 newton force to lift that load but if and only if there is no other external factors like friction to affect.

In this way, with the increasing ratio, this is clear that if such kind of lever, which can withstand the force while turning the earth, if provided, it is possible to turn the earth in the presence of fulcrum to rotate the lever.

No matter how many great machines are built up in this world at present, the working mechanism by which it multiplies the force is based on the principles of simple machine only. In every automatic machine designed for multiplying force has hence effort distance always greater than load distance. In daily life, you can test it even while eating food. How easily you can lift the spoon full of food also depends upon how you support you spoon and how you apply the force. If your supporting finger is little bit far from the load (arm where food is present) then it will be little bit heavier for you to lift the spoon whereas if your supporting finger is nearer to the load, it will be easy for you to lift the spoon. As the load distance decreases, it will be easy to lift the spoon and vice versa. You can try it once by supporting the spoon once by catching it at the tip and then closer to the load. You can feel the difference.

All of these examples and principles prove that simple machines are too much efficient in their work. Thus, if fulcrum and a lever long and enough strong is provided, we can certainly turn the earth.
Discovered by Madhusudan Duwadi

What is the Meaning of the Dream about Teeth Falling Out?

Namrata was seen depressed in the morning. Her friend asked her for the reason. Then she said that she had seen the dream of teeth falling out last night. Her friend suggested her to go to temple to pray God for the well beings of her relatives.

Why was Namrata worried with the dream of teeth falling out? Do you have any idea? Dream about teeth falling out is a common type of dream. I don’t know how people interpret it in overseas. But it is a bad dream in Nepal. According to the belief, the dream of teeth falling out is the symbol of death possibility of relatives in near future.

If upper teeth fall, it indicates to the elders and if lower teeth fall, it is indicated to the younger ones. Moreover, I guess that more teeth fall, more relatives are in danger. Similarly, if teeth move but does not fall, they may fall in sick or they are going to face something dangerous situation.

If you have recently seen such dream, don’t get disappointed. I am giving a solution for you. Actually the belief system of the dreamer is responding in this case. It means if you don’t believe that there is negative impact of this dream, nothing will happen. If you believe it, your subconscious mind will respond accordingly and you will face bad situation. So only one thing you should do here is to ignore belief. For that first of all you should find out the cause of this belief.

In my views, people link the dream about teeth falling out with the death of relatives because teeth falling out is indication of ageing and ageing is the process towards death.  So if you want to bypass the effect of such type of dream, you must think that only teeth falling out is not the indicator of ageing. Ageing does not cause immediate death. Similarly, teeth falling out may be caused by many other reasons out of ageing. If you think like this, you won't have any problem with such dream.
Best Wishes.
Discovered by Don Prince

Why do We See Snake in Dream When We Leave Utensils Unwashed?

I often find people in Nepal believing that if utensils are not cleaned properly or they don’t clean the kitchen after dinner at night, they will see snake in their dream. Is it true? I can’t say about all. But most of them will definitely see snake that night.  And you also know it. But do you know why does it happen?  If you don’t know, don’t worry. I am going to tell you the actual reason. First see these two examples.

Case 1
Saroj is a Nepalese boy. He was staying with his roommate in Kathmandu for study. One night Saroj did not clean utensil as it was late night and he was feeling sleepy. Saroj knew that he might see snake in dream. So he saw snake in dream.  But his friend did not see it because he was unknown from the fact that leaving utensil dirty can result snake in dream. Neither did he know Saroj had left the utensil unwashed.

So this case seriously says that actually belief is working to show snake in dream. As the second boy was unknown with the fact, he did not see it.

Case 2
Rahul saw snake at last night. In the morning he asked with his sister if she had forgotten to clean utensil. And it was true. Rahul asked if she had also seen snake in dream. His sister admitted it.
The second case is more complex. The situation of sister is clear. It is similar to the case of Saroj as she knew that unwashed utensil causes visual of snake in dream. But what about Rahul? He did not know that his sister had left utensil at night. Then how did he see snake in dream?

Actually the subconscious mind of Rahul has worked here. As Rahul asked about utensils after seeing snake in dream, it is clear that the information is already stored in his subconscious mind. So whenever there is dirty utensil, the subconscious mind will show snake in the dream. Rahul consciously did not know his sister had left utensil. But he knows it by his subconscious mind. And his subconscious mind shows snake in dream because it thinks that whenever there is unwashed utensil it should show snake in dream.
Discovered by Don Prince

What Does Break Up in Dream Mean?

Here is an interesting interpretation of dream for you. I hope you are going to get some knowledge about dream. First of all I am going to present an interesting dream here so that you can easily understand the concept.

Rohit, Bishal, Kamal and Hari had gone to watch picture on Sunday. Now there was enough time to start the picture. They went to a coffee shop and began to talk. Rohit said, ‘’Yesterday night I had an amazing dream. I had a fight with my girl friend. She was going to leave me. I was begging. Later Bishal reminded her and everything came to be fine.’’

Have you ever seen such type of dream? Was your dream similar to this dream? If yes, I want to congratulate. Because now you are going to know the actual meaning of this dream.  And I want to interpret this dream in Sigmund Fraud’s prospective.

According to Fraud, dream is the expression of the unfulfilled desires which are hidden in the subconscious mind. It means dream represents unfulfilled desires of the dreamer. So by analysing the dream of Rohit, one can say that he has got hidden desire to leave his girl friend. So he found his girl friend leaving him in the dream. However he is reminding his girl friend not to break the relation. It is the symbol that he does not know his desire because it is hidden.

Frustrated? Don’t worry. This dream may have other meanings too. It can also symbolize the deep love of Rohit for his girl friend. May be his girl friend is so worthy in physical or social point of views. Or Rohit suspects that his girl friend is being attracted towards someone else. There is also possibility that Rohit is hiding something or he is cheating with his girl friend.

You wonder I gave so many interpretations of this dream. I have already mentioned several times in this blog that same dream may have different meanings for different dreamers. And you are not only one there who is reading this post. So take this post as a reference to interpret your dream according to the situation of your own life.
Discovered by Don Prince

Why Does Witch Attack When You Keep Your Hand on Your Chest While Sleeping At Night?

I still remember. When I was a child, an old lady told me a true event of witch attack where a man was killed. According to the lady, the chief mistake of the man was that his hand was on his chest while he was sleeping. The lady further told me that a witch searches a man who is sleeping by keeping his hand on the chest. The kind lady also suggested me never to keep hand on chest while sleeping. As a child, I agreed her and followed this rule strictly.

Do I still follow this rule? The answer is YES SURELY. Both you and I know it is nothing more than a superstition. However I never keep my hand on chest while sleeping.  But I am not doing it due to the fear of any witch attack. The reason is scientific. First of all let me tell you an incidence where I had mistakenly violated my rule and what happened to me.

One day I had kept my hand on my chest. As I was dreaming about witch, I felt someone snatched my neck. I was half awake and I confirmed myself I was not dreaming at that moment. After a few seconds I decided to counter attack. Then I found myself normal on the bed.

How many of you have experienced this type of incidence? I know many of you. May be most of you had kept hand on the chest at the moment. You can do it every night till you experience it. It’s an adventure for you. Only the difference will be that you can encounter a ghost or any other being what you fear about instead of a witch.

It is clear that there is no witch or ghost or any other scary being behind the scene of this incidence. Then what was that? Let me give scientific reason which is so simple and interesting.

This is related to your heart and brain connection. When you sleep, your heart and brain still will be functioning. Especially when you are tired and you keep any heavy thing like your hand on the chest; it affects your brain and dream. As a result you experience such type of paranormal experience in response.

So I never keep my hand on chest while sleeping so that the functioning of the heart won’t be interrupted due to the heavy load on the chest and I do not experience any kind of unwanted incidence which is triggered by my brain.

As all of you know that National Discovery openly fights against superstition. If you have experienced any amazing and challenging things which are of paranormal type, let us know about them in the comment below. We will try to explain them in psychological as well as scientific prospective so that the reality is brought out and the blind faith can be split. What do you think?
Discovered by Don Prince

Why Doesn't Hawking Believe on God?

Finally Stephen Hawking declared that he does not believe on God though he had already said that there is no hand of God in the creation of the universe. It is also believed that after he concluded the picture of the universe without God, his wife gave him divorce as she was highly dedicated devotee of Jesus. Today we are gonna discuss why Hawking doesn't believe on God.

There are many reasons that can turn any theist and agnostic into atheist. And the reasons may be psychological, scientific, social and political. In the case of Hawking, I want to connect Psychology. According to Psychology, a man can lose belief on God if he suffers in life. All of us know Hawking suffered physically in his life. So he does not believe on God.

So what is conclusion? Is God doing partiality? Does God exist only for those who never suffer in life? Is there anyone in this world who has never suffered? Is God the cause of our sufferings? There are many questions.

I don’t know what Hawking really thinks. But if he thinks that God has done injustice with him by making him physically challenged and so he does not believe on God, then I want to say him that it is the same God who has made him STEPHEN HAWKING. And if he says that it is not God who made him a famous scientist and he has become whatever he is today with his own capacity and labour, then he also can’t say that it is God who made him suffer. Thus Hawking has no reason not to believe on God.

‘’What do you say about the existence of God? Do you believe on God?’’ A student asked me question while I was teaching in the class. I said, ‘’I don’t believe on God. Because we have to believe the thing only if we don’t know whether it exists or not. But there is no doubt God exists. So we should not believe on God.  We should worship the God. So I worship God. There is no question of belief at all.’’

Yes it may be true that we still don’t have scientific evidence to prove the existence of God. But it is also the truth that Science also can’t prove that God does not exist. Moreover the vastness of the universe indicates that there is existence of not only God but also other beings about whom we have not even thought or imagined.

God exists or not is another topic. But we must keep him alive among us. At least it can make people constant with mind. It can prevent them from doing wrong. And also it can save goodness on the earth. So we must say there is God.
Discovered by Don Prince