Did time and universe emerge together or was there time before the origin of the universe? This is old aged question in Physics which is still unsolved. As I believe I also know a little about universe, I am sharing my opinion through this small but valuable article.

Stephen Hawking, the greatest living scientist of the world, says that as there can’t be north from North Pole, time can’t exist before the beginning of the universe. But I think Hawking was wrong here. In my opinion, the north from the North Pole is south as the earth is spherical. So the conclusion is that time can exist even before the beginning of the universe. And the beginning of this universe is the result of the end of the previous universe.

Einstein also believed on the cyclic model of the ultimate fate of the universe. As I am a big fan of Einstein, I also believe on it. However, I want to talk about the time before the beginning of the Big Bounce. So the question is what was there before the first event of the Big Bang?

I personally believe that there was time even before the first Big Bang. Singularity gravitation of the universe before the Big Bang event is the proof that there was empty space or something which is not even a space in the beginning. That empty space created the omnipotent power, a super being. This super-being created other super beings. Then the Big Bang was caused by them which is the beginning of the time and space of our universe.


Shiva Puran, one of the holy books of Hinduism, says that there was emptiness in the beginning. Lord Shiva was created from the emptiness. Then Lord Shiva created other Gods like Vishnu and Brahma. Finally Brahma created the universe.

I know today’s scientists take religion different from Science. But it can’t be underestimated that religious books have already answered so many unsolved questions of Science. Even the concept of popular Big Bang Theory is influenced by religious scriptures. So, religious texts must be taken seriously as the prominent sources of scientific discovery and invention.
Discovered by Don Prince