About Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur Durbar Square is one of the famous places in Nepal. It is enlisted in the world heritage site. It is located in Bhaktapur district in the Bagmati zone. Bhaktapur is about eight miles far from the capital city Kathmandu. It was the largest of the three Newa kingdoms of the Kathmandu valley the capital of Nepal during the great Malla kingdom until the second half of the 15th century. Today it is the third largest city of Kathmandu valley. It is known as Bhadgaun or Khwopa of Nepal because people used to sell paddies in Bhaktapur. There is the statue of Bhupatindra Malla in the courtyard of Bhaktapur Durbar Square. It is rich in culture, temples, wood, metal and stone art works. This city is famous for special type of curd called Juju Dhau which means king curd. Bhaktapur is still an untouched as well as preserved ancient city that is itself a world to explore for tourists.

The picture gallery
The art gallery contains ancient paintings belonging to the Hindu and Buddhist traditions of various periods and descriptions. This gallery is open every day except Tuesday.

Siddha Pokhari
SIddha Pokhari is the famous pond of Bhaktapur. This is a big rectangular water pond located near the main city gate of Bhaktapur. It was built during the reign of king Yakshaya Malla in the early fifteenth century and is associated with a number of Myths.

Statue of King Bhupatindra Malla
This statue showing King Bhupatindra Malla in the act of worship is set in a column facing the palace of the square. This is considered to be very magnificent.

Palace of 55 Windows
This magnificent palace was built during the reign of kind Yakshaya Malla in 1427 A.D. and subsequently remodelled by King Bhpatindra Malla in the seventeenth century. Among the bricks walls with their gracious setting and sculptural design is a balcony with fifty five windows considered to be a unique masterpiece of wood carving.

Batsala Temple
The stone temple of Batsala devi has many carvings. Batsala temple is most famous for huge bell. In ancient time, if any king wanted to tell some information then the bell used to be rung. Then all the people gathered. And king used to give information to the people. Nowadays people worship the bell.

Golden Gate
The golden gate is said to be the most beautiful richly moulded specimen of its kind in the entire world. The door is surrounded by a figure of goddess Kali and Garunda and attended by the two heavenly nymphs. The golden gate is the loveliest art in the whole kingdom.

Nyatple Temple
One of the temples that are still existed today is the Nyatpole temple which was built in 1702 A.D. under the rule of King Bhupatindra Malla. This beautiful sculptural building is considered one of the tallest pagodas in the country and is the lovely example of the immense work mastership that went into building of this type.


Bhaktapur is a social as well as religious place. It is very clean city. It is so peaceful. It is visited by a number of tourists everyday.
Discovered by Astha Tripathi, Sandhya Ghimire and Akriti Niraula via Don Prince

Nabin became Anjali

People in Nepal specially from Terai still frustrate if a girl child is born in the house. It is because of the system of Dowry. But Tamang community celebrates if a girl child is born. Because the birth of girl child is assumed as the sign of fortune and wealth among those people. So Tamang families pray God for a girl child. When they have a boy child, they become so frustrated that sometimes they cry.

Same happened with the parents of Nabin Lama. His mother wished at least a girl in her house. But she had four sons. She vowed for a girl ultimately. But she again had a boy. She cried for having a boy again.

See the miracle of God. Being a boy physically, Nabin was a girl with behaviour. He had a girl like feeling. Instead of helping father for ploughing field, he used to help her mother in household works. His way of talking, walking and behaving was just like a girl. He had an interest on makeup. He liked to be a bride while playing. Later when he was grown up, he was attracted to a boy not a girl.

After SLC Graduation, Nabin Lama came to Kathmandu from his village Kaule of Nuwakot and began to work in a restaurant. He started higher education in Pashupati Campus. He was fighting his own sentiments for a long time. Later he decided to live his life according to his wish. He decided to live as a girl. He changed his name from Nabin Lama to Anjali Lama. Since then he is living as a girl.


Now Anjali Lama is 25 years old. She is a renowned model in Nepal. She is recognized as the first transgender model of Nepal. She looks exactly like a girl except her slightly different voice. She tells that she has taken the medicine to promote woman hormones. ‘’What is your aim?” Saptahik Weekly of Nepal had asked her. She has replied, ‘’I want to be a super model. Besides, I want to be a girl completely, for that, I have to earn 25 thousand dollars.’’  She has already transplanted breasts from Thailand by spending 4 thousand dollars.

According to Anjali, she has a boy friend who understands her. In the beginning her father and brothers were disappointed with her when she had returned as a girl from Kathmandu. But now a day they are also cooperating with her.

In the past, Ketlin {Pratik previously} had moved this courageous step. This time Anjali has come. There are many  Pratiks and Nabins in the society who are still living as dead due to lack of courage. Ketlin and Anjali can be ideals for them.
Discovered by Don Prince

Hawking Was Wrong

Did time and universe emerge together or was there time before the origin of the universe? This is old aged question in Physics which is still unsolved. As I believe I also know a little about universe, I am sharing my opinion through this small but valuable article.

Stephen Hawking, the greatest living scientist of the world, says that as there can’t be north from North Pole, time can’t exist before the beginning of the universe. But I think Hawking was wrong here. In my opinion, the north from the North Pole is south as the earth is spherical. So the conclusion is that time can exist even before the beginning of the universe. And the beginning of this universe is the result of the end of the previous universe.

Einstein also believed on the cyclic model of the ultimate fate of the universe. As I am a big fan of Einstein, I also believe on it. However, I want to talk about the time before the beginning of the Big Bounce. So the question is what was there before the first event of the Big Bang?

I personally believe that there was time even before the first Big Bang. Singularity gravitation of the universe before the Big Bang event is the proof that there was empty space or something which is not even a space in the beginning. That empty space created the omnipotent power, a super being. This super-being created other super beings. Then the Big Bang was caused by them which is the beginning of the time and space of our universe.


Shiva Puran, one of the holy books of Hinduism, says that there was emptiness in the beginning. Lord Shiva was created from the emptiness. Then Lord Shiva created other Gods like Vishnu and Brahma. Finally Brahma created the universe.

I know today’s scientists take religion different from Science. But it can’t be underestimated that religious books have already answered so many unsolved questions of Science. Even the concept of popular Big Bang Theory is influenced by religious scriptures. So, religious texts must be taken seriously as the prominent sources of scientific discovery and invention.
Discovered by Don Prince