What Happens Before Just A Minute You Die? A Near Death Experience

Have you ever thought what happens to you before just a minute you die? It seems to be a crazy and stupid question. But I bet you admit in the long run whether you have read an amazing article today.

According to a survey 38%-50% of the American adults who come close to clinical death have experienced a near death experience. But is it possible to experience NDE {Near Death Experience} without coming close to clinical death? You wonder it is possible. And some people around the world already have had it. Fortunately I am also one of them.

Case Study
It happened many years ago. I was a student of Grade XII. One day I went to visit nearby city. I had gone by my own truck. Mr. Raju Deuja who is no longer in this world now was driving the vehicle. While coming back, we parked the vehicle in the bank of the river Rapti. It was 11 o’clock night. As it was a truck parking area, there were many trucks. But all the drivers and helpers had already slept inside their own vehicle. Mr. Raju and I also slept in different seats of the truck. There was silence inside the vehicle. I don’t remember exactly what happened there. But I can still recall that moment instantly. Suddenly I had experienced an attack like situation. However it was not a direct attack by anyone. It was spiritual feeling. As far as I remember I had seen the vivid glances of God. Suddenly I began to think that it was last moment of my life. I was dying. My soul was leaving my body. I am sure I was not out of my body and I have not seen my own body from outside. But it was similar feeling. I felt that after a while I would come out of my body and see my own body lying dead. I just can’t explain exactly what I feel there. Think that there is no exact way and word to describe such feeling. I also felt that I might have been attacked by ghost or witch and I am dying. I tried to call Mr. Raju. But I could not speak. I know it was not my dream. It had happened just after 5 minutes I lied on the bed. And I guess Mr. Raju was also awake but he was unknown I was struggling with my life. I noticed I can’t even move. But I can think. At last I did what anyone could do in this situation. In a plain language, I remembered God and said on mind, ‘’I don’t want to die. I won’t die. I don’t die.’’ Honestly speaking everything became normal then after. I felt as if my soul went back to my body. I don’t remember how long it happened. I guess it was not for more than 1 minute. After all it was an amazing experience. I was feeling refreshed, cool and fearless. I asked Mr. Raju if he had experienced or noticed anything. I got normal answer from him. I told him to go to hometown which was only 40 km far from there. He agreed. After 1 hour we arrived home. In the next day I retold this event in front of my aunty {person changed}. Since she was an uneducated woman, she simply linked it with ghost or witch attack. She informed me that the place where I had stayed at night was the exact place where dead body is burned.


A Question
Wait. This article is not over. We are yet to enter the scientific and psychological part of it. But at first I want you to ask a question with me. Would I have died if I had not prayed God to get rid of the near death situation? You can’t answer it without knowing the amazing and intellectual aspects of this event. So let’s open the pages of Psychology.

Psychological Analysis
A numerous theories have been developed by the psychologists to explain near death experience. Some believe that the common reason for this type of near death experience is the belief on angel. 46% Americans believe on angels. They have claimed that they have seen angels in NDE moment. Another theory says that extreme stress by life threatening situation may result brain state similar to REM sleep. Near death experience is similar to the dreaming while awake. In the situation of dreaming while awake, subject can experience NDE. So it is not different from dream.

My Opinion
According to the self developed anonymous theory of mine, Near Death Experience has nothing to connect with death, though it is experience of being closer to death. Rather I enjoy linking it with the life situation which is similar to the death. I believe that this type of experience is triggered by one’s subconscious mind to give warning of something dangerous situations to his/her conscious mind. The possibility of dangers may be chance of robbery, theft, kidnapping or any other normal situations but they are strongly against the norms and values of the subject. To pass message of such situation, subconscious mind becomes active when conscious mind is passive. It may happen in both situations after or before the subject sleeps. I call this type of situation as ‘’Unconscious Active, Conscious Passive ‘’ state. If subject sees God, angel or light, that’s the representation of the subconscious mind according to his/her belief mechanism. Sometimes the subject can also get direct message with clear sound in place of NDE. I believe that NDE happens only with the persons whose subconscious mind is sharply sensible.

Now let me answer the questions I asked above. If I had not escaped from the near death situation, I would have got the same situation which I got after praying God. It means, according to my language, my soul would have returned to my body. So I would not have died. My pray to God was the response of my brain’s defence mechanism for me but it was a message delivered alertness of conscious mind for subconscious mind. Moreover if I had stayed there at that night, maybe even any unwanted event like robbery, theft, etc would not have encountered. Because such situation may decay before it happens through other alternative situations like discussion about theft event, talking about robbery event, indirect invitation for crime, etc.

Extra Knowledge
NDE can be induced by injecting a special type of substance into the body. It can also be induced artificially by making the body too tired and brain very stressed through auto hypnosis.
Discovered by Don Prince

Atmokinesis: the Power of Controlling Weather

Today I am presenting an amazing superhuman whom you can not believe. But you have to believe, at least at the end of this article. As I was requested not to expose his name, face and address, I am not going to tell much personal about him. However I will talk every aspects of his superhuman quality so as to help you for your further research. And if you are searching stuff to develop such type of quality, this article will definitely be proven the best one for you.

He found me in Google Search while he was searching articles about super powers. After reading some of my articles, he trusted that I can answer some of his unanswered questions. Particularly he wanted to know that he really deserved any super human quality or that was a coincidence only. As I was also searching some super humans for my upcoming book about superhuman and I prefer helping people, I welcomed his invitation. We were from different countries. However the close distant and the open border of our countries made our meeting more convenient.

First I asked him about his super power experiences. He said, ‘’The experience of my super power began anonymously in my life when I was a small child. I remember I hated working in field. When my parents took me in the field, I used to dramatically and childishly pray for rainfall and after a few minutes rain began to fall. Then we used to come back to the home which was near our field. When it repeatedly happened, my parents did not take me in the field. Instead they gave me work of cooking food at home while all members of our family were working in the field.’’

I understood what was happening with him. This type of quality is called Atmokinesis. Atmokinesis is the power to manipulate the weather condition like wind, rainfall, etc with the help of some extraordinary things like emotion, belief, words, mind power, etc. By applying Atmokinesis, the superhuman can control over wind, rainfall, cloud and so on.


‘’Can you tell me more experiences?’’ I asked him. He began to speak again, ‘’When I was a child I lived in a small house which was vulnerable to rainfall and thunderstorm. When rainfall used to begin with storm, I felt discomfort and a type of fear took rent in my mind. Mostly I used to pray God to stop the rain and storm. Later I noticed every time I prayed God, the storm was stopped. Moreover I noticed I can really stop them.’’

After a while he said again, ‘’When I was grown up, I felt my complete control over weather. One time drought occurred in my locality. It did not rain for a long time. One day I saw a religious rally of farmers. They were involved in the procession so that their God listen to them and it rained. I thought I can do something for them. I just wished rainfall at night. In the next day the rainfall began and it was a beginning of the rainy season of the year.’’

I asked him another question, ‘’Have you ever noticed weather responding you in some situations in your life?’’ He paused for a moment and began to speak, ‘’Yes, I think so. I remember. I was unmarried. I had a girl friend. One day my friend forced me to marry someone other than her. That day I noticed a sudden change in the atmosphere and also surprising rainfall with wind and thunderbolt.’’

His experiences seems to support the existence of Atmokinesis. But there are some paradoxes of Atmokinesis.

1} There is definite natural cycle before particular weather. It is not possible within the moment the Atmokinetic does. For instance, an Atmokinetic claims that he can bring rainfall any time he wants. If he calls rainfall and it’s really raining. That means the rain is caused without its natural cycle, water cycle or evaporation anything you name it. Because there should be time gap for water cycle after the prediction of rainfall by the Atmokinetic. But when it rains as soon as the Atmokinetic calls it, there is no time gap. So Atmokinesis strongly violates the laws of causality which is an established theory in Physics.

2} The another paradox of Atmokinesis is that Nature or natural phenomena can’t be controlled. It controls, is not controlled. This is universal truth that this universe is running on the basis of laws of nature. So controlling nature is against this established belief in the world.

So there may be three reasons behind the experience of Atmokinesis:

1} It may be the symptom of some kinds of Psychological Disorders. There are various types of psychological disorders that give hallucination to the victims that they possess some kind of extraordinary powers.

2} It may just be a coincidence. Thousands of incidences happen in our daily life. It’s not difficult to catch the event or situation among thousands which instigate our illusion.

3} It may really be a kind of super human power. We know only 4% of our universe. That means we don’t know so many things. Our universe is full of mysteries. May be Atmokinesis is also exists somewhere.

In this way I told him my opinion. I suggested him that first he should be confirmed that he is beyond the paradoxes mentioned above. If his experience is normal and he really possesses such psychic quality, he should not use it for his personal purpose. Neither should he tell about it with anyone good or bad people. He should explore more about it so that he can unleash his power more efficiently. Then he should also find out why he has got this quality. And he should use this quality always for the well being of the human beings in the world.

He says that he is afraid superstitious people may declare him a God. So he does not like to be flashed. But he does not fear any bad man. Because according to him he is beyond the capacity of humans. He also says that coming century is the age of super powers in this world.

At last I obviously asked him to give a sample of his power in front of my eyes. I said that I would believe him and do further research if it rained today at night. He agreed. Then we departed. I wanted to notice rainfall at night. But I could not wake up on time due to tiredness. However before I asked anything, someone told me in the morning that it rained yesterday. I looked outside. The place was wet. It was a surprised rainfall after a long drought.
Discovered by Don Prince